the wait is over, my black reissue is here!!

  1. My best weekend ever!!

    My Black reissue 226.


    AND my grey reissue 225.
  2. ^congrats!! The bag looks fabulous on you!
  3. congrats!
    love them BOTH!!
  4. Stunning. I need a black 226 like I need oxygen at the moment. Can I ask a silly ? in the second pic with the grey reissue how do you get the straps so short?
  5. YAY!!! Haha I knew you would get the black in no time!!!

    The black looks great on you and the grey is fab!
  6. Thank you, Gummybear!! :heart::love:
  7. thanks, Jennifer!
  8. LOL, I just put the straps inside the bag and close the snaps, ta-da! :jammin:
  9. Thanks, Mello_Yello_jen, I thought i woudl never get it..but..:tender:
  10. I love that black reissue!! Congrats!
  11. Congratulations ParkAve - now you have the two bags you wanted and both 2005 reissues!!! Congratulations.:party:
  12. Congrats, that bag is fab! :love:
  13. looks good on you...lucky gal
  14. My all time favorite Chanel bag. Looks wonderful on you.
  15. What a GORGEOUS bag!!!
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