the waist bag/belt bag question

  1. so this is my first Toki purchase, the print is just too cute to pass. however, my question is for those that have the waist bag, do you have any problems or issues with its size? is it too small and too long wrapping around your waist? i'm a jean size 1-2. i'm afraid it will be too bulky if i put my small size wallet in it, and the mesh doesn't look too durable :confused1: ... any inputs are appreciated :wlae:
  2. I just got a paradiso canguro that I haven't worn yet and would also love to see it in action - does anyone have pics of themselves wearing one? My problem is that my keys are waaay too bulky, and I'm worried they might wear it down.
  3. Robotkitten had a thread on here just recently and she took a pic of herself wearing the canguro.
  4. I used my inferno canguro for the first time last weekend. It was very convenient but I kept having mini-panic attacks when I realized my hands were empty... I had to keep reminding myself I was NOT carrying anything!!

    I carried my phone, denaro, credit card case, pen, mints and a couple other thngs in it. Held more than I expected without looking stuffed.
  5. As a side note robotkitten is NOT a jeans size 1-2, more like a 12 and 5'7" so that makes a little bit of a difference. :biggrin:

    The thread is "Carnguro in the real world" or something like that. I'm at work so you're just going to have to look for the picture.
  6. I used the mesh pocket for my cell phone. Seems okey-dokey to me.
  7. :yahoo: Robotkitten the :queen: of canguros and nuovlas is here!! :dothewave:
  8. I just wanted to say I feel majorly short now *crawls into corner*
  9. aww... don't crawl in the corner shortie, then we can't see you :biggrin:
  10. well technically I'm at work, (so shhhh!):angel:
  11. don't forget Scuolas! I have more of those than anything else.:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: too funny! I'm short too Jess!!

    You have more scuolas than anything else, really:???? I didn't know that...
  13. 3 Scuolas :graucho: , 2 canguros, 1 nuvola (but I'm getting another soon!) ... and a partidge in a pear tree
  14. :lol: I think I want a nuovla! :nuts:
  15. i've tried it on on me but wanted to get a second opinion of those who've had it :smile: ofcourse i like the look of it but just don't know how it really looks to others. i'll try searching for that bag in action later :heart:

    btw, i don't think i'll be using the key holder though, afraid of it slips off my waist :smile: also how do you guys tuck the extra strap away , it's so long:confused1: