The wacky Spy's sister

  1. [Follow-up on my post about that wacky monogramed Spy]
    Apparently, it comes in a hobo too! It looks a little better to me in this style.

  2. And the satchel...

  3. :lol: yuck!
  4. To be honest, if I saw that I would think it was a fake.

    I am a huge fan of the Spy satchel shape; but, some of their patterns (squirrels, and now this) I am not a fan of.
  5. Ewwww. Gross.:sick:
  6. Still fugly, but less so.
  7. I saw someone purchasing 2 of the larger spy a few weeks ago. I would love to know if people look at themselves holding this in a mirror before they leave the store.
  8. Please, stop, I can't take it anymore. Has someone in the house of Fendi died recently and been replaced by an alien?
  9. :sick: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  10. :sick: :sick: :sick:
    Please NO more...I can't see straight. I'm going to have nightmares about ugly purses!!!
  11. So.. unbelievably ugly. I don't understand why they insist on milking the shapes with this ugly print !
  12. No, no, no, no!!! Ahhh!
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