The Vuitton Money Machine

  1. Very interesting. Obviously, a few things have changed since 2004, with some manufacturing in the US, etc. Good to read about their quality testing. On the issue of fakes, I recently read that LV is suing eBay over their poor monitoring of fake auctions.

    Thanks for posting that.
  2. I realy liked it,thanks for sharing. :smile:
  3. :wtf: Those poor poor babies! Come to taco..she won't hurt you:tender:
  4. what?!??!? FREE repairs for LIFE?!?!??! then why is it that so many of us need to pay for repairs?

  5. Yeah! Why do they charge you for lining, etc? What do we need to do to get free repairs?
  6. $3.8 billion in annual sales!?!?!?!!!?!? :wtf:

    WOW. Thanks for posting. :heart:.
  7. This article was posted a long time ago- it's great!
  8. hmmm i wonder why they stop the free repair for life guarantee.... does anyone here know?
  9. I want to know too.....:crybaby:
  10. taco, you're hilarious!
  11. Good article. Thanks.

    "Of the 13 factories that make Vuitton bags, 11 are in France -- and the other two are across the border in Spain."

    They've certainly been busy opening a lot of factories in the last 2 1/2 years. Probably thanks in part to all of us! :lol: We should demand free tours like the Jelly Belly factory; with little Berlingots as free samples at the end. :love:
  12. awesome article!
  13. haha:lol: