The Volkswagen Beetle, yay or nay?

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  1. Hi everyone, I've turned 16 a couple of months ago and have had my drivers license for about a month or so. I'm about to get a car of my own(used) and I've been looking at the Beetle. Do you believe that it is a good match for someone of my age? And has anyone ever had a beetle of their own? Please do tell of your experiences, thanks:yes:
  2. I have a 2004 Beetle. I would not recommend you buy one that is made prior to 2004. Those earlier years' models were notorious for having problems. By 2004 most of the "bugs" were worked out. I would also highly recommend an extended warranty even if you buy the 2004. Good luck.
  3. i think it's perfect for a 16 year old if you ask me! get automatic it's easier ;)
  4. I kinda feel like it is a car you would get sick of quickly.
  5. I actually love mine! It is really roomy and because I'm tall, I love the extra headroom in the interior. The other thing that I've learned is that this car handles really great on ice and snow.
  6. May I ask what color your beetle is?
  7. Dark charcoal grey
  8. My gf know's 2 girls with Beetle's and they both love them. I'll reiterate what Roo said and make sure it's 2004 or newer. They did have some issues, but they seem to be pretty solid now.
  9. Oooh, i have a 2006 VW Beetle. :heart:
    I'm absolutely in love with the little thing! I know i won't get tired of it, i've wanted one for 17 years! (I wanted an old Original Super Beetle in red before the new beetle came out...)

    The little thing is safe and quite roomy, you'd be surprised! Also she zips around like no one's business! She handles great and has awesome power.

    Mine's Gecko Green with black pleather interior. I'm known in my town as "the girl who drives the green bug". lol. I can not recommend it more!

    OH, and it's also awesome to be in the "Bug Club" lol. Every time i see another one i'll wave or beep and people do the same to me. haha. Honestly, people seem nicer to you in traffic, too.
  10. I have the beetle convertible, its actually the only car I have ever owned for a longer length of time, but I would never recommmend it as a beginners or a first car. The dash is really long, you cannot see the bonnet at all, so you would find it very hard to judge, the car is very wide, and the blind spots are notorious (worse in the cabriolet, but still there in the tintop version)

    I love my car, dont get me wrong, but driving them is not that easy to start with, maybe for confidence you could consider something like the bmw mini?

  11. My daughter has a VW Beetle, she just loves it!
  12. I think it is a great looking car. I would totally recommend it. But, as chloe-babe mentioned it may be difficult to judge the dimensions while driving. Have you test driven one? As long as you are comfortable in it go for it! Such a cute girly car IMO.
  13. Oooohh - cute!

    I like the Beetle but prefer the GTI.
  14. My best friend had a 2000 and it was CRAP! :tdown:

    But if everyone swears by the 2004's and up being better then so be it...but for being 16 just know that parts and maintenance are more expensive on a VW versus other cars. Since your getting it used you'll be paying out of pocket for all of that...unless you get some warranty on it from the dealer but if your getting it private, then it will be out of your pocket.
  15. I totally agree. It definitely isn't my first car, and i can see how it might be difficult to drive if you never really drove yet.
    The blind spots were pretty annoying at first, but you get used to it. Once you're used to the dimensions, you can fit that baby anywhere. haha. (No more 3 pt. turns!)
    Yep, and it's funny driving it at first because it "has no front". :yes: