The Viva Cite PM for across the body bag

  1. Any of you like to carry your bags across your body? I am considering the Viva Cite PM to use when I don't need a big bag and I want my hands free. Any of you guys have this one? It looks pretty cute in the pics online.
  2. I love to carry a bag cross body. From all the LV cross body bags, I love trotteur and mussette tango the most. But they do seem quite small. I've never been a fan of the viva cité collection. It's just a bit too bulky IMO. But I'm really in to classic bags right now, so maybe that's why I'm not really fond of the cité's
  3. The danube is great for times when you want to be hands-free and don't have much to carry.
  4. I just bought the Viva Cite PM to carry on a cruise. I know I'm will be carrying just a few essentials (a room key, credit card and small digital camera) so this bag is perfect. I tried the Trotteur, Rift and Ipanema PM -- I liked the casual chic of the monogram and the red lining is so cute. I actually liked the chunkiness of the Viva Cite.
  5. i like this bag :yes:. it's very cute yet classy to me
  6. Don't have this bag, but think it would be a great across the body bag!!! Fab!!!!
  7. I like the bag it would be a great choice.
  8. You'll need another strap, as the strap that comes with the PM is quite short.