The Vitamin String Quartet! Anyone else a fan?

  1. So I recently received several iTunes giftcards that were burning a hole in my pocket. So tonight I sat down and decided to spend em. I did some searches and found the group call the Vitamin String Quartet. They do string covers of many many artists popular song in album for. I got the Arcade Fire's Funeral Killers Madonna Coldplay Bjork No Doubt The Who's Tommy and Gwen Stefani:tup: Odds are they will have one of your fave bands too (they have everything from Marilyn Manson to the Beach Boys:idea:) I am a classically trained cellist and when i was is high school (i went to a performing arts high school) one of our fave things to do was instrumental covers of our fave songs. These arrangments are amazing (and thats the hardest thing to do when doing a cover is getting the arrangement just right). Just thought I'd share.

    On a side note; some of their albums are listed on The Vitamin String Quartet and some are listed under just Vitamin String Quartet so check both to make sure they have you'll like. I didn't check both at first and would've missed out on my favourite one (Bjork)