The Virtues of Classic White Chanel

  1. My first Chanel purchase is in the works and I was researching colours when I came across some recent photos of Rachel Bilson with a white Chanel Reissue (photos can be found on the celebrities with Chanel thread). Now white is never a colour I considered before, partly because I think it would get very dirty, very quickly and partly because I've also associated white purses with a certain type of lady, and that's just not my style. Only now that I've seen the RB photos, I feel that I should revise my view because she looks fabulous! Casual and classic yet still really young and fresh.

    So I was just wondering what are everyone else's thoughts on classic white Chanel? Any personal experiences?
  2. Gorgeous! Classic. So fresh and young. I really want a classic white caviar flap. Caviar is wonderful because it is so easy to take care of.
  3. I think you should go for it...but get a caviar one as its easier to clean ie babywipes
    I have lambskin and thats so delicate but white is definitely a stunner.
  4. The problem with white is that it is not an all-year-round bag. I consider white a summer bag (unless it is winter white).
  5. I love white:yes:
    It's crisp and classic:biggrin:
  6. Hi Liberty girl,I love white flaps and I kept on looking and drooling over her white bag too!I can see it's the "hybrid" she's carrying and I really like how modern a look it adds!I personally love white bags and I've got a white Madison in lambskin/jumbo size!Have I not been into dark bags at the moment since winter's ahead,I would definitely go for a white classic jumbo with either leather interwoven chain or in the new/bijoux chain!There are a lot of pix inthe same celebrity thread a few pages back with Nicky Hilton and Kim kardasian carrying their white jumbos too!(Did you also take a look at the "post your flaps,classic flaps and reissues" thread?You'll be able to find all styles and reference there!)
    Oh ,by the way, welcome to the forum!:yes:
  7. I never thought I'd like a white Chanel. I've seen lots of pictures of them on this forum and appreciated the pics but never thought too much about them. But when I was at Saks Chanel in NYC this weekend, I fell in love with the white caviar flap. It is just stunning in person. Caviar should not be too hard to maintain so I would say go for it! :heart:
  8. I usually agree with this, "No white after Labor Day" rule, but recently I've seen a lot of "white - white" in the fall / winter lines (ie Versace). So, now I'm starting to feel better about white year round.... I mean it's always 90 degrees somewhere, right?:supacool:

    Oh BTW, when I was hesitant buying a white bag for the same reason, a Chanel SA told me, "It's not a white bag in winter, it's a Chanel bag." I thought that was very cute!
  9. Maybe it is just because of being in California and no real seasons to speak of...but I have always had white bags in my collection of bags and a white Chanel caviar flap was my first I say go for it!!!:tup:
  10. Yes, go for it. After 18 years of Chanel, I finally added the white caviar medium classic to the collection!!! (What on earth took me so long?)
  11. I live in the Midwest, and it doesn't seem to look good to carry white in the winter. Cream, yes. But white seems to look out of place, even at night.

    That said, I love the look so wish that I could carry white all year. The minute mid April hits, I cave and bring out the white! Even if there's snow!:smile:
  12. I saw those pics of Rachel Bilson too and the bag looked so made me even happier about my recent purchase (white East/west with bijou chain). You should definitely get one!
  13. i have the medium caviar flap in white and i love it. it's such a great pop to any outfit and it also matches my white j12 perfectly!
  14. I love white..and as much as i pay for my bags I wear them all year round. Granted i live in California now and this is easier to do..but hey its a Chanel every out of style? SEason? :smile: WHite is gorgeous! I have white caviar in the timeless clutch and love it! I also have a winter white LV Suhali Le Fab...can't go wrong with the colors.
  15. i adore my jumbo winter white caviar classic flap, and never pay any attention to rules re: when to wear white, etc........................but i have lived in California and Florida (now) since I was 9 years old!!!!! The white is stunning..................and imo looks classy with all black, gray clothing, etc