The Virgin Vachetta Club --Pale is the new tan (literally) :)

  1. Hi girls! I was thinking about forming this club today as one fellow baghag asked me if i liked my vachetta as white as can be or with a rich patina. Somehow I ended up confused :confused1: as I never did make a solid preference before... Then I thought, I think I love the virgin white patina because i like the new smell. :yes: So I'm a self-proclaimed member! ;)

    Although I also like the honey-esque light patina that is showing up on my mono speedy now... so maybe not necessarily 'virgin?' LOL! Nevertheless I know hundreds of LV lovers here love the white vachetta! come girls, join this club!:yahoo:
  2. Personally, I LOVE the white vachetta. The patina bugs me. If I could find a way to keep the vachetta white all the time, I'd totally buy lots ot LV with vachetta!
  3. Lol...none of my pieces really have white vachetta anymore since I've used them all :lol:
    The only one that has light-ish vachetta is my Azur pochette..this was the picture from when I got it for my birthday in November.
  4. i absolutely love the pale, pale vachetta! i would pay to be able to stop the patina process altogether. this is my newest bag, and the only one that doesn't have a patina yet: the Monogram Carryall

  5. That's a gorgeous bag, Yeux!
  6. thanks :biggrin:!
  7. I may prefer my skin tan but when it comes to my vach...:graucho:
  8. [​IMG]

    When my babyBH was new :heart: I love the store white vachetta :tender:
  9. cute! i love your virgin bags! :graucho:
  10. My new mono speedy 30 is so light and it's driving me nuts. I keep staring at and searching to see if it's gotten any darker, it's like waiting for the water to boil. I am keeping it out of it's dustbag to speed it up. I like light vachetta too don't get me wrong, but not white, I want it to be the palest shade of honey, that really light tan color. I noticed even on elux, the speedy bags they show don't have white vachetta, they all have a very nice light golden color.
  11. I like it both ways. My newest bag the bh is by far my lightest vachetta. Pic taken 2/10/2007:
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg
  12. i love the paleness of vachetta! the newest vachetta will be on my stephen:heart:
    Stephen2 (3).jpg Stephen3.jpg
  13. the speedy sisters ;)

  14. Here's an old pic of my Denim Speedy... it's now darker as I used it a lot :nuts: The Azur still looks like this... I used it only a few times so far.
    denim1.jpg azur-neu.jpg
  15. Love them all!!!!!