The Virgin Diaries

  1. EXACTLY what I thought but didn't say it as eloquently!
  3. That is not fair and a VERY Generalistic assumption to make. Just because a religion may teach abstinence, doesn't mean that people remain totally ignorant about the topic.

    It's not like these WOMEN are 12 year old girls still at home with mom and dad and their parents are restricting their reading resources. If they are ignorant and naive of the subject, they are making the CHOICE to do so.

    My Mother, my church taught abstinence, but I was still made VERY well aware about sex. I probably knew more about it than the uneduated idiots who were out there having it.

    also, to my knowledge, none of them mentioned their religious views on the show? Maybe they they did on the blog?

    also, i think it would be best that this thread doesn't get turned into a 'abstinence is bad and the people who practice it are stupid' kind of thread. As with anything, it has it pros and cons.

    As you say, 'knowledge is power' and I do feel that people should be educated on all topics and then allowed to make a choice from there.

    Ignorance is definitely NOT bliss.
  4. I was only speculating as to why they might be uneducated about the subject. The girls did mention Jesus I believe a couple of times and perusing the blog I did read that at least one of the girls grew up in the Canadian Bible belt. That being said, no one has bashed abstinence. If you read my previous post I distinctly said I have nothing against abstinence. I was merely sounding out different reasons as to why they remain so naive. Also, with all due respect, it may very well have not been their "choice" to remain uneducated. If they weren't provided with materials to educate them in their youth how would they know there was information to seek? I don't think this thread has or will turn into an "abstinence bashing" thread but as a mature discussion, all opinions and ideas should be allowed regardless to whether they line up with your personal beliefs. The show was clearly meant to open up a dialogue about a subject and it has so the dialogue we have should be an open one.

  5. I agree with the rest, but They are late 20s/early 30, so no, I don't think this is an excuse.
  6. one of the couples is on Ellen... nevermind, it was a skit!

    Ellen is a mess and the actors were spot on with their horrible kissing -= LOL
  7. was this a one-episode deal? or will there be more episodes? i am curious to hear other outlooks, opinions, stories. i find it fascinating, personally. not the sex part-- but the reasons behind it all.
  8. If I remember correctly, TLC did the same thing with Extreme Couponing. They showed one episode around this time of year, then started up the series the following ....September? I would enjoy seeing more episodes too as I also found it quite fascinating!
  9. I wish this was a series also. I found it very interesting but I also wish it went more into depth about why each person chose to wait and their backgrounds.

    Has anyone ever seen the movie Teeth? It's a comedy/horror movie about a girl who has teeth in her vagina. The reason I'm bringing it up is because she grew up super religious, was in an abstinence club, and her school would put stickers over the female anatomy in text books so no one really learned about it. Of course it's only a movie but I found it interesting that no girls in the movie seemed to check out their own parts or research stuff on their own. About halfway through the movie the girl begins to look things up online. I don't know if the girls never did because they were taught not to or because they believed that since they were not taught, then it was not important.
  10. I've never seen that movie, but it sounds interesting, hope it comes on tv soon.
  11. Did anyone else see tonight's new episode?
  12. I did.

    Oh, Skippy, Skippy, Skippy . . . . he's such a nice guy, but . . . bellybutton lint collection? Shake Weight? No. (And that first date was cringe-worthy.)

    Karissa seemed pretty cool. Although, given how rush-rush she was about the deed, I'm guessing she hasn't discovered other . . . aspects of it (like how women can have fun, too.)

    Then there was that couple who was dating but nothing was going to happen until after they were married. (And for the life of me I can't remember their names.) To his credit, he could have proposed at her birthday dinner, but he didn't because he knew he wasn't ready.

    I'm glad the Awkward Kiss Couple from the first episode aren't so awkward anymore. And they seem like a really sweet couple.

    There's going to be another Virgin Diaries airing later this summer.

    If it turned into a weekly series, I'd totally watch it.

    Although, that tends to happen with TLC shows: it's a one night special and if it's popular enough, it'll turn into a weekly series (like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding).
  13. There's going to be another new episode this coming Wednesday. This time with a 36 year old virgin!
  14. I'm so watching that!

    (Well, the rebroadcast. I'm leaving my dance class by the time the show comes on.)
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    Hold on . . . so the couple getting married in tonight's episode (catching the rebroadcast now, so forgive the running commentary here) . . . he's never been with anyone and she's never been with a white guy before?

    And his best man is going to give him sex advice, but the best man is a virgin, too? Isn't that, um, the blind leading the blind?

    The cake for her "coming out party" as it were is a cherry? That's so cute!