The VIP Gift Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 11, 2006
I thought I'd start a thread so all of you VIP's can boast your gifts.
I dont personally have any but have always been intrested in seeing the many kinds! So go on girls (and we'll including me about 4 guys:rolleyes: ) and post some pictures and how you went upon getting a VIP gift.
All I have is the little plastic key chain. I'll have to take a pic of it later... But what about you all? Do some of you have the chopsticks, the candles, incense, paper weights, MC cards etc? May we see them if you do?
I have the brown plastic keychain and I love it!!! It's well made.... My only item so far that was given to me by my favorite SA. I did buy a metal round burgandy/gold keychain from LV Paris on e-bay, but I think it's fake.... oh well...:rolleyes:
Goldenleopardlady, I have the keepall paperweight. Here's a pic:


It's my favorite VIP gift :heart: