The VIP Fashion Inferno Gioco I won arrived. And I LOVE IT!!!

  1. Hi there ladies.. I finally got my comp back. I havent been able to be online for 2 weeks because I got a virus and it broke my comp, but yay its fixed.:yahoo: Anyhow I got the Inferno Gioco that I won from VIP Fashion and the print placement is PERFECT. I :heart: it. I am in fact hiding the bag from DH so he doesnt make me pick just one out of the Inferno Gioco or Inferno Campeggio...hehe:roflmfao:

  2. Congrats on all the ipod devil girls!! :tup:
  3. vampire bunnies!! That is super awesome placement, loves it..
  4. oooooooooohhh! you're soooo lucky!!! its a great bag. luv inferno esp the little devil roasting marshmellows! giocos are beginning to be my favorite even over zuccas. congrats!
  5. So cute! Congrats! I want an Inferno Gioco too!
  6. bunnies! :biggrin:

    I love your gioco.
  7. Congrats :tup: It's soooo cute :drool:
  8. GORGEOUS!! I love it!
  9. i love it!! congrats!!
  10. congrats!! it's gorgeous :tup:
  11. Wow!! I am jealous :p It's so pretty! Congrats~
  12. congrats!!
  13. cute placement! did u find out before u received it what placement u were gonna get or did u just luck out?
  14. Thank you... I know I lucked out. Because I didnt know that VIP Fashion doesnt post pictures of the actual item in their auctions, I found this out from here after I won it. I am not even a huge fan of the Gioco but this is prob the closest I'll get to an Inferno Zucca, plus the printment is so cute that I just :heart: it... Here are the pics of the sides.. :drool:

  15. Hi there. I just lucked out... I finally paid for it after someone said that it doesnt matter since the whole Inferno print is cute. So I paid for it, thinking worst comes to worst I can always trade it or sale it...:yes: