The Violette Vernis Club

  1. Bring on the violette!
  2. I will get something soon:heart:
  3. When my cles comes in i'll post it, lol.
  4. Lol same here..I want it now. :p
  5. ^^^ I know right! It's so adorable and so different! I hate waiting, it makes me antsy and I fidget a lot. :upsidedown:

  6. Just wonderin is this colour permanet?
  7. from what i've seen in another thread...this color is TDF!!!!
    can't wait to see more pics here!!!
  8. I must be part of this club. Its my favorite color.
  9. Fab, here's my french purse & keychain. I'll be back with the matching purse soon.
    wallet keychainw.jpg insidew.jpg coin pursew.jpg
  10. awwwwww.
    I can't do saving money this year again.

    I love vernis, I love wallet especially FP and I love PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i'm joining of course, will come back next weekend with the bellevue PM and hopefully the new cles.

  12. Gosh darnit, I guess I'm not done shopping ... again! I absolutely love this color ... gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Congrats queenmab and snowypam!
  13. Wow, gorgeous! I'm waitlisted for a cles so hopefully I'll get that in the not too distant future.
  14. I am so confused.. amarante zippy? violette zippy? amarante? Violette? amarante? Violette? :lol::lol: oh well, i would get a heart purse first~
  15. my violette roxbury drive