The Violet Step!

  1. Hi all! I got the pic from my SA at BalNY and thought to share it with all of you who haven't yet seen the Step/Stepping Out IRL. She told me that the Step is about the same size as the City --


    I think the style and color are just SCRUMPDILLYUMPTIOUS... :nuts::drool::heart:
  2. Thanks for posting!

    it reminds me (a little bit) of the Purse:yes:

    I think it's fab!
  3. It is lovely - much better than I thought.
  4. OOH! I looove it! The shape and size of it really float my boat - not to mention the color, of course! Thanks for sharing that!
  5. Ahhh. interesting... reminds me of a smaller version of the brief. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I love this style. I was really upset that the purse was discontinued, especially since I only got into balenciaga recently. I want a red Step!
  7. finally! An IRL pic of the STEP! Thanks for sharing, Monsoon! Looks fab! Congrats to your new beauty! It does look like a squarer version of the discontinued purse! LOVE IT!!! :heart: And when you see this IRL, it will be even more striking in the violet color! Not sure if u saw this color in real life yet but VIOLET is so gorgeous!!! (if u want, please post ur pics of ur lovely step on the "Five star violet club" thread under the reference section!)
  8. hmmm not sure how i feel about it yet, i have to see it modeled on someone!
  9. thanks for posting! i would love to see this bag on someone.
  10. Thank you for posting this! I actually really love it! All the other pictures have shown it stuffed full, but I like it so much more this way. Maybe that's my answer to my issues with the Brief, which is too big, and the City, which I'm finding to be too square for my taste...
  11. Love it! :drool: I do see the purse, but more I see a smaller version of the brief w/RH. :graucho: Just love it!
  12. love it also!!!! beautiful color!!!!!:drool:
  13. I was just gonna say that! Is it bigger than the purse though? What do you guys think?

    It definitely looks great! Looks like it fits on the shoulder easily, too :tup:
  14. Thanks for posting! I like it.. i think it'll look better when it's stuffed.
  15. It's gorgeous; I just wish it had a shoulder strap!!