The Vintage Thread!

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  1. Since your taller than me, maybe by the rib part? I'm not sure on the strap measurements but its the vintage 2.55, in m/l i think

    Yes its aro
  2. I love the Diana, and I'm also looking into getting it vintage. Do you have any advice on where I should look/what research I should do beforehand (Authenticity, market price, etc.)
  3. what would be consider a fair price for a Diana bag? I'm thinking of getting one but not sure as I hate to overbid for the bag..
  4. My beige vintage beauty! Purchased in November from What Goes Around Comes Back Around. ❤️

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  5. Hi all would like to do a small poll. I used to own a 13” Vintage Maxi XL but sold it few years ago because I think it way too big and bulky. But now I still love the big CC logo but not sure whether I should buy back the XL or look around for a Jumbo 12” instead. The problem is 12”Jumbo cost way more than Maxi like 350-400usd more depending on the condition.

    May I know your opinion? I regretted a bit that I sold but that time I realize I find too chunky.

    I already own a 10” vintage classic flap. Thank you.
  6. She’s here! So excited!
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  7. I’m a huge Chanel classic 2.55 lover/owner and recently came upon this bag. It has a shorter chain and a longer one ( looks like ) tucked inside. They call it a “reissue” but I know not everything with a mademoiselle lock is automatically a 2.55 bag. Does anyone know if this is a “reissue“ or from what season this one is?

    P.S. I went ahead and bought it! I really like but don’t even know what that bag is.

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  8. @birkenstocksandcode & @love2shop2

    Hope I'll be able to answer a few of your questions with my experience here!

    I've been an avid Diana fan since I saw my first one on @alyssa.lenore . She has a beautiful small black Diana with gold hardware. However, I'd just purchased my Boy and was in no place to be buying a second Chanel anytime soon, not to mention I had little to no knowledge about this style. I stumbled upon @mygrandfathersthings on Instagram based on a recommendation from another person I follow who has a beautiful collection @helenytang. Honestly, mygrandfathers things had the most comprehensive guide about information on the different sized Dianas, and the different colors and leathers they come in. She also sources and sells Dianas while also answering questions - on more than one occasion I've sent her Dianas I've seen around the internet to get her opinion.

    The only challenge is that the Dianas she sells are immensely popular and there is stiff competition. I was pretty discouraged after trying multiple times and started looking at the resale market on 2nd hand websites like theRealReal, Fashionphile, Rebag etc. I was honestly Googling every day at one point but didn't see the combo I wanted (dark beige Diana, lambskin with gold hardware) in good enough condition at a good price. I found tons of black dianas (in ok condition) for $2500-$3000 and beige ones for $3000-$4000. Beige ones are more rare which is why there's a premium so anything under that $3K mark I personally thought was a good deal. Based on what I'd been seeing mygrandfathersthings sell her bags for, I would save money buying directly from her + I knew she had a certain quality of bags that she would buy. I personally prefer my quilts to still be puffy and that's the type of Diana she sells so it worked out.

    Got my Diana on Friday and am in love! Mine is the medium size! I honestly think the small would have been fine too but again, really hard to find + a premium so I'm happy with the medium and I'm not really a small bag person. It fits much more than my Old Medium Boy and the leather!! Oh my. When people say lambskin is buttery - I didn't expect a 20+ year old bag to still feel so smooth and soft but it is! Honestly very very few scratches to hardware which I was surprised about because...this bag is OLD. Minimal edge and corner wear, seriously. This bag looks better than many newer ones I've seen. Even if you don't buy from her, I would highly recommend mygrandfathers things as a resource. She has a detailed blog talking all about measurements, what each size can fit, etc.

    Hope my essay helps and let me know if you have more questions about Dianas! Btw, for reference, I'm 5'4" and about 110lbs. The Medium hits me at a perfect spot if I wear just hanging from one shoulder but is honestly okay as a crossbody as well, which is my preferred method of wear (less pretty but more functional). It hits me at the same place my medium boy does. DSCF3734.jpg DSCF3801.jpg
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  9. It’s beautiful!!!
  10. Beautiful bag! I would love to find a caviar Diana in that shade of beige.
  11. Hi Winnie, what series is this Diana from? It’s stunning and congrats!!
  12. I guess the answer is that if you buy the same size bag again, the bulk might bother you just as much the second time around. What do you think? Jumbo is definitely smaller, not sure by how much.
  13. She's a 5 series I believe!
  14. I’ve been wearing my Diana bag nonstop recently. So convenient as a grab and go mini bag to take to the grocery store or for errands. Mine is almost 30 years old and I can’t believe how good it still looks. I don’t really baby this bag at all!

  15. What do you ladies think of this 9 series grey? What would you wear this with?

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