The Vintage Thread!

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  1. Hi ladies, lately I've been seeing so many questions about vintage Chanels and I thought it would be nice to have a thread for discussing vintage pieces :smile: Ask questions, share photos, care tips, etc!

    Personally, I love Vintage Chanel, I have a 0 series Mini flap, and a 2 series M/L classic flap. I think it's really fun to hunt down vintage finds and most of them have a very distinct and classic look to them :heart: Anyone else a vintage lover or thinking about going vintage?

    One of the random things I did want to comment on was the question of vintage pricing. In the years that I've been into Chanel, prices on vintage pieces have gone up with the price hikes on current retail items. Even in as little as one year, prices can be totally different, and of course it all depends on the bag in question and the condition too. With that being said, I think vintage offers a lot of savings, but with the recent price increases, "steals" aren't as common anymore in my experience. I think that would be my number one piece of advice for anyone new to vintage shopping and wondering what a "good price" is

    My 2 Series M/L (purchased for $1100 in 2009)


    My 0 Series Mini (purchased for I think $750 in 2008)

  2. I have a 1 series mini, but I can't remember how much I paid for it (bought in 2005 I think). I just love the "character" of it, and it's still puffy after all these years, too.

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  3. Gorgeous vintage items.., I hope to get a vintage jumbo flap someday :smile:)
  4. Your white Mini is adorable!
  5. I love your black one! If they got "married" they could have little black and white mini minis! :smile:
  6. Thanks! I love my Mini, the lambskin has actually aged over the years in what I think is a cool way, it definitely has more character to it lol my Mini has a lot of veining now that gives it a different look, almost like a lambskin patina lol. It's in really good shape so I don't consider it a wear flaw or anything it's just something cool and random that happened and part of the fun of vintage I think

    Close up shot:


    I noticed I forgot to an "E" to the "The" in the thread title. I have to get a new mouse it keeps highlighting and deleting random things :wacko:
  7. Have any of you heard of a vintage So Black? If yes, what is the difference between the vintage one and the current one? Tried to find the current one but no luck.
  8. I think in the past there have been various chains on these; some are coated, some plastic resin. Only the current one (13S) has a chain coated by PVD method, which is used in fine jewelry and watches.
  9. Congrats on all your beautiful Chanel bags.

    tutu, is there anything that you don't know about Chanel?
  10. So would you say that the chain for the current So Black is better than the vintage ones?

    I'm so envious that you have one! It's really hard to find. (I've been silently reading the threads all these while..only started posting very recently.. 😁)
  11. There is a great deal that I don't know, but thanks for the chuckle. :smile:
    Per the SA and all that I've read about the PVD process (and I've read a ton), yes it is much better than the older coated metals. It's interesting the pull this bag has; I wore it to Neiman Marcus and Chanel this past weekend and at both places, both the SA's and customers were talking about how I had "that bag" that was so impossible to find. I even broke my ban on jumbo bags (all my others are M/L) to get this bag. It is indeed an awesome one.

    But speaking of amazing, there are some fabulous vintage bags out there! I was perusing some sites a few days ago, and the variety out there is just incredible. I'd really like to adopt a few. :smile:
  12. Hahaha cracking me up!!
  13. Love all your gorgeous vintage bags, Ladies!

    Here is my small contribution:

    View attachment 2310230

    Vintage camera bag - US$ 1500
    Vintage tote, big enough for A4 - US$ 1100
    Both are in pristine condition. There are cheaper ones but I am quite particular about the condition & smell of the bag.

    However, I don't think I will be buying more cos it's always a risk buying online & I don't like returning items.

    I think as long as the Vintage bags are about 50% off the current retail price, they are worth it.

    I must say vintage lambskin quality is superb & it feels thicker, sturdier than the new lambskin flap I bought from the stores.
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1377585649.561518.jpg

    Sorry for the double post, not sure why the photos are not showing in the 1st post :P

    Mine are both 1 series, if I didn't remember wrongly.
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  15. ^ I love your camera bags! That's one of my favorite styles, I think they're so versatile