The Video Game Review Thread

  1. I noticed a lot of thread about different gaming systems with recommendation in them for vidoes games I thought it may be helpful to have one thread to find the information on various games.

    If you are adding any game reviews could you please use the following format


    System: (what you played it on)

    Your Review:
  2. Game: Cake Mania

    System: Nintendo DS Lite

    Your Review:
    I loved this game, you own a bakery customers come in you need to take orders and bake their cakes within time limits, you have dollar targets to hit.
    It is a really addictive game generally I didn't find it that hard but every once in a while I'd get stuck on a stage

    I recommend this one
  3. Game: Hotel Dusk Room 215

    System: Nintendo DS Lite

    Your Review:
    I'm not really a fan of this one, set up like a story book you need to read the story and interact with people to gain more information. I find this game too slow you can work on it for a while talking to people etc and then later find out you asked the wrong questions and game over start again. There is also a lot of reading you can just be pressing next for a while without really doing anything.

    Personal opinion I'd say pass on this one
  4. Game: Mario Party 8

    System: Nintendo Wii

    Your Review: Not that great and not what I expected. I suppose I should have read the Amazon description more closely when I purchased the game, but I was expecting it to be something along the lines of the traditional Mario games - but was disappointed to see that it was mainly filled with board & mini games. ...Just not my thing. The graphics were nice, and the games were fun but it just wasn't my style! Now I'm waiting for Paper Mario to come out here in Germany!
  5. Game: Trace Memory

    Nintendo DS

    Your Review: On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give the game a 6.5. It's a mystery RPG and you have to complete a lot of tasks which can be fun and challenging. There are lots of little puzzles to complete which require some thought that goes beyond the standard video game. My two big complaints which keep me from rating the game higher are that there's a ton of talking between the characters. At some points you're reading through conversations for 10 minutes, which can get a little boring. My other complaint is that in some ways it's too linear. For example, you'll see other clues that you know you'll have to pick up for later, but the game won't let you pick them up until you do other tasks first. I felt like this made the game more drawn out than it had to be.

    If you like games that make you feel like you're part of the story and require a bit of thinking outside the box, it's a really fun game.
  6. Game: Animal Crossing Wild World

    System: Nintendo DS

    Review: This is probably the best game I've played on my DS Lite. I've played it for over a year. You are a person who moves to a town filled with animal neighbors. It is more of a sim type game. You can choose what you'd like to do- fish, pick fruit for money, talk to the neighbors, decorate your house, design clothing, catch bugs, plant flowers & trees, shop, and more! There are thousands of items to purchase. The neighboring animals come and go- and you can become great friends with them. They all have different personalities as well.

    Get this game- it's great clean fun!
  7. Game: Phoenix Wright - Attorney at Law!

    System: Nintendo DS

    Review: This is by far one of the most interesting concepts for a game I've ever seen. You start as Phoenix Wright a defense attorney just starting out with a little help from his mentor Mia. The game consists of 4/5 cases each one different from the last. You investigate areas of interest and gather clues and prepare the upcoming trial! This is where you need to think! You'll be faced with various Prosecuters (it gets harder as you go through the game) who will try as hard to make your client guilty. You cross-examine witnesses to try and pick lies apart but be careful as you have a life bar to watch incase you wrongly object to a witness! In short, it's extremley entertaining and each case can take a few days to finish (not playing it straight, I didnt have the energy). I strongly recommend it.

    (I hope that was okay.. I struggle getting my point across :sweatdrop:)
  8. ^^ That actually sounds really interesting! I'm not really a video game buff but that sounds fun since I'm always wondered what it would be like to be a lawyer!
  9. Game: Pirates of the Caribbean: The world's end

    System: DS Lite

    Your Review: I just bought this game today and it is very fun. I love the graphics and the fights are great. I have not played it long enough, but so far the levels are tough.
    Basically, it follows the pirates of the Caribbean movies. It is the based on the last movie were they are trying to break the curse of the flying dutchman and to save Jack. If you liked the movies then you will probably like the video games.

  10. I really recommend it! It'll keep you entertained for quite a while :biggrin:

    The DS games are certainly something to think about. I think Nintendo have done such a great job with them and espicially the Wii.
  11. Game: Picross

    System: DS Lite

    Your Review: I really like this game it has a minesweeper kind of vibe to it. You have a grind of around 15 x 15 squares at the top and side of each row there are numbers representing how many sqaures touching there are (example from top 2, 4, 3 so you would have 2 squares then a gap 4 squares gap 3 squares) it is up to you to figure out the right placement of the sqaures when you have selected the all the right squares you will have a picture.
    It also have a daily picross section for daily challenges (like brain training)
    It's a really good game and gets you thinking, challenging but not too hard.
  12. Game: Nintendogs (Lab & Friends)

    System: Nintendo DS Lite

    Your Review: Such a cute game! Lots of fun, you get to pick your puppies, train them for disc throwing, obedience, and agility competitions, feed them, walk them, teach them commands (sit, roll over, etc.) An all-around feel good, slightly addictive game:smile: Highly recommended for dogs fans, the puppies are so cute! And as the game goes on and you accumulate more Trainer Points you unlock new dogs.
  13. Game: The Simpsons

    System: Wii

    Your Review: I'm giving this one 5 out of 10 it's quite a fun game you have think about some puzzles to figure them out but they are aren't that hard. The game is quite short but the worst point is the camera constantly switches views half of the times you die it's because you walk right of the end of something you can't see. It is worth playing but wait to see if you can get it in a sale or trade in
  14. Game: Guitar Hero 3

    System: PS3

    Your Review: Absolutely addicting game. I'm a first time player of the Guitar Hero series and I found it to be a lot of fun with a decent level of difficulty (you don't breeze through it). I highly recommend it!
  15. Game: ROCKBAND

    System: XBox 360

    Your Review: Definitely recommend this game and highly addicting! Played it for almost an hour with my twin and brother (had a whole Partridge Family thing going on!) Great game for the family!!