<<<< The VERY UNIQUE Monogram BRONZE Club >>>>

  1. The door is open, come on in!
  2. This club seems a bit lonely... I'll be the first to post then :p


    I'm 5 feet nothing :upsidedown:
    r1.jpg r2.jpg
  3. gorgeous!
  4. Hot bag Addy!
  5. Wow Addy, didn't know you had one! She looks FAB on you!! I saw the bag IRL and thought it was big but I am the same height as you and the bag doesn't look big at all.
  6. Ohhh... so pretty! :drool:
  7. Thanks kimalee, cpster and margaritamix for the kind words. Nice to see some visitors in here. :p

    I don't usually share too many of my goodies but this club had no members. :graucho: Thanks for the compliment! :shame: It is the perfect size - not too large at all and fits very nicely against the body. :yes:
  8. Wish they made this bag in a pochette or SLG !!
  9. You and the bag are both gorgeous and I laughed at the 5 ft nothing...humour best medicine:tup:...Congrats!
    Regards from Patty
  10. This is one of the most stunning colors LV has ever done! Thanks for sharing your pics!
  11. stunning bag and it looks great on ya! congrats!!!

    (I'd like to walk/follow behind you and stare at the bag LOL!)
  12. Thanks for your nice comments! :flowers: She indeed is a head-turner. :p
  13. Sooo.. I guess we should rename this into the Addy's lonely Bronze club. :p
  14. :crybaby: :lol:
  15. i really love the Mono Bronze leather. it really looks like real bronze and the leather is quite supple to the touch. i wish they'd make some for the boys too.