The Very Mysterious ^, In A Most Mysterious Place, Who Knows Why?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I dunno but that bag is GORGEOUS!
  3. FlossyFigaro, where art thou? Are you in Bermuda again?
  4. BUT.....she needs a big sister 35 Birkin Havanne Porosus,
    don't you think????
    In my DREAMS!!!!!

  5. Whatever HC has, I think you caught it. [In addition to a dose of ready cash.]
  6. :drool: This color is simply GORGEOUS!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  7. BUT......
    HC deals in reality....
    For me, For NOW, it's only in my DREAMS!!!!

    FlossyFigaro, where are you, when we need you????
    We are waiting on pins and needles for your pronouncement!!!! GOOD, or EVIL????? Tee Hee....

    PS Thanks, H.A. !!!!!
  8. ;):yes:
  9. That color is gorgeous!!!
  10. As I suspected, the color has enchanted us!!!!
    what do you see on the blind stamp?

    The ^ is usually on the side, true.....I wonder if anyone else has a kelly with the mark in the same spot. I like it here.

    But the color.........its fantabulistic.....
  11. Beautiful color!
  12. Eek! Loving what I see!
  13. I think in older porosus croc H bags, the ^ is at the bottom. In current ones, the ^ is at the right side. Can someone confirm this?
  14. ^ I was wondering if this is a norm in vintage croc.
  15. Erm... what is the ^ supposed to signify? A craftsman's stamp? :confused1: