1. Hi, I am finally getting my first chanel bag in September in New York City. I waisted so much money on bags that will not last, classic chanel seems to be the right one to buy. Can you experts recommend me one I was thinking about classic black flap but not so sure about following criteria

    -what kind of leather is easier to take care of?
    -single chain or double chains?
    -small or medium. (how much small one holds?)
    -gold VS silver hardware
    -where in NY should I get it as well as SA recommendation? I will refer your name.

    I am too excited. Cannot wait until Sep!:wlae:
  2. As far as flaps go, I believe the sizing goes small (225), medium (226), large (227). There are many pictures in the Chanel reference library. :biggrin:

    Caviar leather is a lot easier to take care of than lambskin. Lambskin is lovely and soft, but it scratches easily. Caviar is much more durable and more ideal for a daily bag. Lambskin is a good choice if it's a bag you only use once in a while, assuming you know how to baby your bags.
  3. Black is a great choice! Very classic and versatile. I would say go with GOLD hardware on the black 2.55 reissue in 226 size (medium)! There are lots of pics in the reference library for you to see which bag you prefer. Try on both the classic flap and the reissue to see which looks better on you...I tried the classic flap and realised it wasn't quite my style so I decided on the reissue for my first Chanel bag.

  4. Hope you find your dream bag..Goodluck!!;)
  5. I recommend caviar and silver h/w
  6. Not sure if you read from here that there might be a price increase in September, if this is true, better buy it in August.

    I suggest lambskin with silver h/w.
  7. I would get caviar leather. Its easier to take care of.

    Chain style - the classic w/ leather or the new one is a personal choice.

    I personally like big bags and the small (east/west flap) doesn't hold much.

    Hardware is another personal choice.

    I would go to Chanel on 57th Street. Brendan Sheehan is the best SA.. PM me if you need more information..
  8. Oops price increase... I should get to NY earlier.
  9. classic flap , black in caviar:yahoo:
  10. black flap, sounds like a perfect choice!
  11. If you are planning on using the bag as a day bag AND you carry more than wallet, checkbook, lipstick and keys, you're going to have to think jumbo in the classic, 227 in the reissue style. If you go classic, then it's a personal choice as to gold or silver hardware. I'm a huge fan of gold. It's richer looking, imo. Silver was added as a choice later in time. Lambskin is oh so soft and beautiful and in black I wouldn't worry so much. Caviar is pretty much buy it and forget it care wise. Wipe it down and keep trucking. Lambskin can be sent back to be refurbished. Black is definitely an excellent, wise choice for a first bag. If you're thinking of a bag for dates, evening, etc., consider the medium classic or the 226 reissue. You will know what to buy once you see the bags and try them; listen to your heart most of all.
  12. classic flap bag in black with gold hardware
  13. black caviar flap would be a great choice :yes:
    the leather is very easy to take care of.

    i like the double chains more

    large, if not then medium :p

    gold hw against black is so classic and pretty, the silver hw is more "modern" though.
  14. Black caviar med or large.....depending on the jewelry you wear the most you might want to go with like colored hardware. Otherwise gold hardware to me is more dressy, while silver is more casual, modern.

    Good luck on making a decision....:tup:
  15. black caviar -esp if u will be carrying it often and u cant go wrong with a classic flap but u should go try them on to see what is comfortavle for u to carry!