The Vernis Pochette Cles Club

  1. Well here's to the new Pochette Cles released yesterday January 11th. I :heart: the new design. It's a bit larger than the original cles so it fits a lot more. Here are my twins - Violette and Pomme. Both vernis colors are equally pretty. It's so pretty, just like candy.
    Pomme Pochette Cles.jpg Pomme Pochette Cles 1.jpg Violette Pochette Cles.jpg Violette Pochette Cles 1.jpg
  2. congrats!!! the colors are both amazing!!
  3. So gorgeous! I would love this new cles in pomme but I have the original cles in pomme so having a hard time justifying it!
    PS What is the price of the new cles?
  4. gwen it's $275. Pomme is really stunning. The new design of it makes it very useful. It's wider and longer than the original. You can fit bills folded in half and a lot of credit cards. The little plaque make sit look different from the original size as well.
  5. I got the Violette one too!

    I was trying to decide between pomme and violette and I couldn't decide which one to get but ended up with violette!
    new LV 007.jpg
  6. here is mine :love: this is my last piece of LV for a while (need to get back on the ban, lol)

    looks pink in the sun

    showing some sparkle :smile:

    with chain out (this is closer to true color)

    love the nameplate!
  7. Great pics sweetneet! I didn't know that it looks pink under the sun. It's so pretty.
  8. Amarante for me.....
  9. GORGEOUS! I hope to join this club tomorrow - my sweet bf just told me he'd get me one in pomme tomorrow! Hurray!
  10. I'm in! I'm in!:nuts:

    I went purple....
    Resize of Violette Cles 004.jpg
  11. My pomme..! :heart:
  12. I also love the nameplate of the new Clés! Tooo cute. I might buy one if I get a new iPod... :graucho:
  13. I love it... what are the dimensions?
  14. here's my pomme baby from my DBF!
    kimee's collection 005.jpg kimee's collection 006.jpg
  15. Gorgeous!! It this a limited edition item? I really want one in the new violet.