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  1. I know some more members have acquired these beautiful bags. I will post some pics of mine and some other "Random" pics of this bag. :tup:
    The Vernis Mercer was made in Spring/Summer 1999.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. here it is in fuchsia
  6. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics, Steve. :flowers:
  7. anytime :biggrin: I have some more pics which Im gunna post later (there on my laptop) :flowers:
  8. I love these pictures! Where was that picture of all the keepalls photographed?
  9. Hi, I think that was an exhibition in Paris :flowers:
  10. Steve, thanks for sharing with us these amazing pictures.

    The Vernis Mercer is amazing!
  11. Wow...thanks great visuals!

    Quick question on post #3...
    1. which store is this? Looks like ours!
    2. The epi items on the counter (agenda etc), would you happen to know the colours? I believe it's canelle et fauve but not sure...it helps to see them in perspective!

  12. They are TDF.
  13. omg, thanks for posting the pics. the fuschia one is TDF!!
  14. Hi, I dont know what store that is but I presume it was taken quite a long time ago. The epi colours are Fawn and Winnipeg Sable but Im not 100% sure because the colour also looks like canelle but that isnt possible as Canelle was only made in 2006. :flowers:
  15. Hey thanks Steve!
    Happy New Year and Congrats on starting it off with such fantastic purchases :smile:

    Oh...I recall once saying you should go to France...and I believe you are shortly? HAVE FUN! A bientot!