the vernis ludlow wallet ..

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  1. are there any room for bills? Or is it only for coins and three cards??
  2. i would like to know this too please :smile: ! But i must say it is quite beautiful, especially in the framboise wow :love:
  3. There is not a slot for bills. I usually fold up my bills and put them into the coin purse area.

    The ludlow works out best for just "quick trips". I use with a small evening bag or a small day bag.

    HTH! :smile:
  4. I would love one in white - I actually think it would match my new white Chanel quit good! Framboise is a GORGEUS color, I have a wallet in that color :smile:
  5. There is no place for bills unless you fold them up and put it in the coin part. You can see the wallet on elux.
  6. lol yeah i looked on elux but its a tricky picture i thought it could be hiding some secret compartments but i guess not :P
  7. I have the Ludlow in Bronze Vernis and I love it! I don't put my bills in the coin slot, however. (Annoying to mix change and bills.) I use the one card pocket under the snap for folded bills. I can fit two cards in one of the other card slots and another card right behind those two. Hope this makes sense!
  8. You can fold the bills up I think.
  9. If you're looking for a small, vernis wallet with a slot for currency go for the Broome. It's even cuter if you're into LV shiny zippers. The entire wallet zips closed. Here's a shot of my red one. It's in front of my red Eldridge wallet. If you want to see an inside shot let me know and I'll put one up tomorrow.
  10. thats exactly what i do with mine, and it works just fine for me, but i dont have many things that need a wallet, just moneyand id. its a cute wallet, especially in perle.
  11. Okay, I got excited about sharing and took interior pics anyway. It may or may not be what you had in mind but it's the alternative to a Ludlow. It has two CC slots, a compartment for change and an area to hold currency:
  12. Last shot. I love it!:
  13. I love that Broome, do they still make it?
  14. I was going to answer, then I got distracted by Suedoc's icon. Vernis Indigo Houston :drool::drool::drool:

    I do think the Broome is a better choice, but sadly it's been discontinued for a long time so no noisette or indigo or such.
  15. I have the same one!
    But I really don't use it much..I think if it was more like a billfold, I'd be better off. It's just too hard for me to put everything together like that, even when I carry a few small items. I forgo the change inside and use my Cerises Round case then just carry my debit card, a little cash and 2 IDs inside the Ludlow when I use it.
    I guess my problem with it is that I have to fold my money up too many times and I don't really like unfolding my money in front of everyone when I'm never know who could be watching you, deciding whether to steal your purse or something. At least with the billfold, you can privately count out your money. I don't know, I'm weird like that I guess.