The Verdict is in-I finally got...REVEAL

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  1. Thanks to all of you who answered my many questions. I got the bag that most of you suggested. If you know me on here you know what it is.....

  2. Next is the box....
  3. I'm Here!! Let's see...Alma??? :party:
  4. what is it!?! :nuts:
  5. ohhh, can't wait to see!
  6. It;s hard for me to do slow reveals so I will show the next part...
  7. Finally! Let's see!
  8. Galliera????
  9. Here we go.....
  10. OMG, stunning!!!
  11. Beautiful bag!
  12. looks good so far!! :popcorn:

    Edit: Beautiful!! Congrats on azur Galliera!! :biggrin:
  13. OOHHNice!!! Congrats!!
  14. Wow!! I was right! Congratulations!!!
  15. gorgeous!! congrats!!!