The Venetia

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  1. Just came from Nordstroms and the SA showed me the catalog for the 2007 resort collection. The Venetia in particular says it comes in black, tapioca and mocha. The picture was of a red bag and the SA was unsure if they named the red "tapioca" which does not make much sense to me. You would think Tapioca would be cream or something. Anyway, does anyone know if this is in fact true?

  2. Tapioca is a light buttery yellow like color. I have a blake in tapioca. This is what it looks like.
  3. I agree, wouldn't make sense for something red to be called tapioca. Maybe you can call an actual MJ store and talk to one their SAs? They might have more detailed knowledge than a department store (not that I don't love Nordies :smile:

    Did you see anything else eye-catching in the catalog?
  4. Resort 2006 Collection look book (from MJ boutique) is on its way to me, will post info when I get it.

  5. I didn't check out Nordstrom's look book yet, but the wrong picture was used for Tapioca (one of the colors for Resort). It's definitely not red, you can see the color at -- taking pre-order for Tapioca & Black Zip Clutch.
    Marc Jacobs - Calfskin Zip Clutch -

  6. ^Nice find! The tapioca almost looks pearly...
  7. ^ The true color doesn't look like the picture on in real life.
  8. Does the Venetia come in red?
  9. Tomato Venetia is available at BG online.

    Calfskin Venetia in Black & Tomato
    Hip hardware and strappy accents on the perfect everyday satchel.
    • Choose black or tomato calfskin.
    • Silver metal hardware.
    • Top handles with rings.
    • Zip top covered by buckle tab that wraps completely around body.
    • Two front patch pockets with push-lock closures.
    • Metal feet protect the bottom of the bag.
    • Tan suede lining.
    • Inside: patch pocket, flap pocket, zip pocket.
    • 9"H x 15 1/2" x 4"D.
    • Made in Italy.
    Price: $975USD
  10. The only venetia's I see are in quilted gold and smooth gold.
  11. Tomato was listed with Black, I'm sorry that they're all sold out now.