The Veneta

  1. I am reading three sizes on the forum and for some reason I can only see two sizes at the stores on this hobo. I also can't get much info from the SA's. The BV line is not the most popular and the SA knows very little. I did meet the sweetest older woman who loves BV and has been buying them for years. We were the only two fondling them and having so much fun doing so. She said she has been buying them for 20 years and ready for her next one!

    Can you tell me some additional info:

    1)The three sizes dimension wise and an idea of what the bag holds?

    2)The costs of each?

    3)The colors this bag comes in?

    4)Since this bag is a classic...can it be found discounted anywhere and if yes, can I feel confident buying that it would be authentic?

    Thank you all for any help.
  2. I think there are only two sizes. The medium about 16 x 10 and around $1200. The large 19 x 12 and $1630. Brown and black are always made and never go on sale. Every season they do some variation of color and I have seen those on sale like red, yellow, noche with lemon trim, etc. If you look on the Saks website you can see they also add things like chains, flowers, embossing.... I've seen those go on sale too. has a few Veneta's. Some people worry about authenticity on there but so far no problems with the BV's.
  3. Thank you. I must have seen both sizes in this bag. I was a bit confused and of course, had no help from the SA.

    Any additional info besides what bagsfor me shared is appreciated!
  4. Bagsforme is pretty complete! I have seen what you might be referring to as the "3rd" size, but I'm not sure if officially it's also called the Veneta. It's a smaller woven hobo that I've seen for under $1000 in the past, and it's smaller, about 12x9.

    Agree about the colors and the glammed up ones going on sale... it's hard to say if it'll sell out, so you take a gamble if you wait until the end of the season. I know I saw the yellow at a HUGE discount at the end of the summer (it was only about $500), and I remember the moss green and light purple went on sale at the BV site last Fall.
  5. The Veneta has 2 sizes which is medium and large as described by Bagsforme. Not too sure about any smaller sizes.

    The classic colours like Nero (black), Ebano (brown), Bianco (white) do not go on sale at the BV boutiques. From what I hear from the SA, more colours are being added on as classics like Noce (hazelnut), Limo (soft gray).

    Even if they are seasonal colours, if they are popular and the colour scheme is being carried on over the next few seasons, they don't get discounted as well. For example the Quarzo (which is like a bubblegum pink), was introduced in 2006 (I think), never went on sale and it's still available at full price now, as pinks (Poudre, Magnolia, Old Petra) are still strong this season.

    So like what Tweetie said, you really take a gamble if you wait till end of season as the seasonable items may be sold out or it may not even be on sale.
  6. I've seen the smallest ones on eBay, but are they ever in the catalogs or online? I haven't seen them there. They look like little hobo handbags--don't see how they could hang with the pretty folds like the med. and large sizes do.

    The Bluefly bags that members have received and posted pics for have been authentic. I haven't followed the discounts there, but it's the only place I know of that offers any discount on BV's other than their end-of-season sale or the outlets.