The veneta how practical is it?

  1. I tried it on and i thought it looked a bit funny asit was falling flat under my arms. The bag was not stuffed is that the reason maybe? dont know... but is it comfortable to carry around?:graucho:
  2. its comfy. it won't fall off as long as there's stuff in it. it needs stuff inside to pull it down and keep it in place. Its a very practical bag. The only issue I have is sometimes i want it to "sit" but being that its a hobo, it doesn't really do it.
  3. I find mine to be very comfy. It looks better filled with actual stuff (as opposed to stuffing). It stays on my shoulder and it's THE classic BV!
  4. The shoulder strap is wide and flat with the soft BV leather so it's great on the shoulder. If you want a bag that stays wide open, when you unzip it, BV has others that will do that; the Veneta holds a lot, yet isn't uncomfortable to carry. And it is THE classic hobo bag.
  5. Another question:

    will the handles stretch from daily use? Do I have to limit the weight of my stuff in the Bag?
  6. good question kynn. i wonder too...
  7. The shoulder strap does relax and stretch to a certain degree allowing the bag to take its shape, but not in an awkward way. The weight limit is up to you and your shoulder. LOL! Of course, the more you place in the bag the more the contents will tend to fall in one gathered spot. I suppose that may bother some people and other people not. Just wondering, how much do you plan to carry?
  8. I carry a lot:
    I carry a make up pouch, a pouch for receipts, a wallet full of credit card, a coin purse, shades, small alcohol and whatever I can chuck in during the day.

    Sigh, its a lot...I am so worried the shoulder strap will elongate so much it won't look like BV Veneta anymore?

    You see....
    I am a Balenciaga girl and BBAG straps do tend to elongate but it looks nicer , dunno about BV might look weird with longer straps?
  9. I am THE stuffer and carry around loads of junk. No stretching here and super comfy bag.
  10. I think the Veneta looks BETTER broken in. I'm overstuffing my in hopes of stretching her out and making her look more relaxed. haha
  11. She beat me to it^^

    I think you can't go wrong.
  12. I've been having my veneta bag for more than 2 yrs now, it is lovely. It won't look flat at all once you put your things inside. Nothing can go wrong with this bag. The leather will get softer and softer.
  13. If you want a bag with a little more structure but still a hobo style I recommend a ball bag. It will also "sit' on its own, which is another plus IMO.
  14. I think super practical, esp. since it holds a lot and only gets better with time! (Seriously, since it is such lovely leather and workmanship to start with, as it softens I think it just enhances the look) :smile:
  15. I agree, and I think many Bottegas look better broken in.
    I've done the overstuffed thing too. They just get softer and softer...:tender: