The Velo strap: what to do when not is use?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got the Velo in Cyclade and am totally and deeply :love:. I am new to this sub forum and completely addicted to these gorgeous bags. Since January, I have acquired a Papeete City, Sang Twiggy, Anthracite PT and now my absolute fave the Velo:yahoo: I love that it is so very roomy without being huge. I kind of feel like Goldilocks...the PT is a little too long, the City is a little too narrow and the Velo is just right! Here's my do you deal with the strap? I don't really like anything on my shoulder or crossbody, but I do find the strap especially helpful in situations where I don't want to put my handbag on a wet/dirty counter or floor (like when using a public restroom) or if I am on vacation and want to be hands free while taking pictures. Do the majority of you just let it hang, do you remove it and store it in your bag for later use...please enlighten me? If I just leave it hanging, it seems so long. I tried doubling it so that the strap was shorter and this just makes the section that hangs bulkier. For now, I have it attached to the bag, but folded inside the bag. I would love your feedback :biggrin:

  2. I just let mine hang. I'm about 5' 5" or a bit more so it hangs low, but it isn't in danger or hanging on the floor. But I think you could do anything you want. I happen to wear my Velos cross body alot, so I would want to keep the strap on. If you feel that you generally won't be using the long strap, you could take it off and put in in the bag so you had it if you needed it. I think it is all about how you will use the bag. I just am not someone who likes to carry a "hand" bag so I am more likely to use the strap. I think it is all personal preference.
  3. Hi TMitch,

    Thanks for your input. I am barely 5'4" and, you're right, it doesn't touch the ground but it does hang so low that I am concerned it could latch itself onto things I brush by. I have tried it crossbody and because I do like to carry alot, I feel really weighed down when I do so. I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my question ;)
  4. Great bag ! Mitch has the best answer! Congrats!