The Velo Club!!

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  1. Love, :heart::love: ... this style!!!!!! Here's my Anthracite Velo:

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  2. CeeJay,
    I'm in! I love this style. Here is my black Velo straight from Vegas, baby!
  3. Hands-free is the way to go ... and the fact that I can still wear it in cross-body fashion with a big heavy Winter coat ... PERFECTO!!!!
  4. More... MORE!!!
  5. I saw a picture of the Mustard Velo ... GORGEOUS!!!!! Also saw pictures of the perforated bags; not my cup of tea ... but my friend liked them (also a Bal enthusiast!).
  6. i love the vélo, yours are gorgeous, keep them coming ladies.
  7. Love your Velos girls and will soon join this club with an Outremer Velo! It will come in a few days and I'm soooo impatient!!!:Push:
  8. OMG! The Velo looks awesome. Now I want one too.
  9. WOW ... can't wait to see the photos of that beauty!!! That was the color I originally thought I wanted, but since I live in an area with [NOT] the greatest weather, I opted for a color which would hold up! Post pics ASAP!!!
  10. Love both Velo's! I still can't get over how dark the black is. I am also really liking this season's Anthracite. I can't wait to see the Velo in Outremer. :biggrin:
  11. Here is my Sang Velo


    Attached Files:

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  12. Hi girls.....I have a Black Velo and my Outremer will be delivered tomorrow! Will try to post pictures of both ASAP. I LOVE this style!!
  13. Really? Where'd you see the Mustard Velo? What's the color like? Leather?

    tmitch - I never tire of looking at your Sang Velo. :nogood:

    Man... I need one of these bags. I don't think I have wanted a newer style so badly.

    PandP and Luvhandbags - can't wait to see pics.

    Keep them coming ladies!
  14. Hey CJ, mind if I ask for a pic of all your stuff inside like "whats in your bbag?" Yours looks pretty full, curious what amount of goodies you got in there.

  15. Holy smokes!!! ... :nuts: ... WOW ... I'm speechless!!

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