The value of a giant bbag??

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  1. :confused1:

    This is my question, do any of you guys know or think the GH balenciaga
    bags hold their values?

    Meaning further down the road, is a Gh bag a real good investment
    or just a waist of time(pardon me).

    Don`t get me wrong-they are truly stunning, since I have a few on
    my own, but with all this gold on the bag, I`m sometimes wonder if
    they just look to "kitschy" you know what I mean.:wtf:

    But I think still they hold their value-after all it is from this year and
    who knows what the future will bring, please share your opinions.

  2. Waiting for the next bags, I think it will get exciting....the 2005 leather`s
    will come back-maybe..:rolleyes:
  3. This is a good question... I think Bbags in general will hold their value over time. I tend to think that RH even more so. Let's see if the gold on the GH bags will hold up and not tarnish.
  4. :wtf:Ohhhh, I`d never thought of that..anybody know?

    Maybe in special humid climates?? Like Florida or Hawaii or Houston?

  5. I just don't like them. Tack-arama (sorry!!!! just my opinion...):ninja:
  6. I am not a fan of the GH, so I don't know. How is it selling?

  7. Same here :confused1: can't help in this, sorry :nogood:
  8. I think the GH sells very well here in LA and I see people people carrying it. I can't speak for the rest of the world, though.
  9. :tdown: Any more tips and ideas or your opinions.

    I kind of like them, it is just the gold on it which says too much
    and is considered a "loud" hey look at me bag......

    Or am I wrong?

    Seattle is not LA so maybe better to go with the regular style.

    They are just more classy.

    The giant also seems to be very heavy, considering the soft light
  10. swiss, I don't own any GHs primarily because of the weight. I have chronic shoulder pain, and thought that with all the stuff I generally carry in my RH handbags, the additional weight of the GH would just be too much. Mind you, if I got rid of half the stuff in my handbag my shoulder would be really grateful -- but that's another story altogether.

    As for whether or not GH will hold their value, I believe that they might because they've been very popular, many of the celebs in Hollywood are seen carrying them, etc. But I think it's at places such as H'wood where you'd find many of the GHs carried, since H'wood is meant to be glitzy.

    The one down side to the GH, though, that I've found is that they seem to be easily replicated, i.e., there are so many replica/counterfeit GHs out there on eBay and the fakers' websites, that I'd be a bit nervous about purchasing them outside of NM, BalNY, etc.

    Just my $.02...
  11. All we know is that Balenciaga is going forward with it, while not abandoning classic hardware, for another season, in 2 metal choices. After that? Would the bags be perceived as more scarce if they stopped? Or less valuable because it was a passing thing/partial success? Don't know.

    I may be in the minority, but I don't think it's a good idea to buy a bag as an "investment." Maybe yes, in the personal sense that it's a good one if you love the bag, will keep it and use it and enjoy it for a long time, no matter what the trends or other people's opinions. But there is no assurance that you will always be able to sell it and recoup all/most of what you paid for it. Market conditions change. There is a perception that B bags hold their value over time better than some other brands, which may be true generally. That doesn't mean you can always do well selling all colors/styles/years all the time. I know this may not seem helpful, and it's just one opinion. I have bought and really like my GH bags, as an interesting change to a product I've liked for a long time.
  12. I love GH only, I never even noticed Balenciaga before GH was introduced. I like bling. I don't know whether I am in a minority or not... I really don't care if my bbags hold their value, I bought them to wear and not to sell, unless I really HAVE to sell.