the valentines day contest?

  1. what happend to the valentines day contest? i turned in a photo of me and my boyfriend in france and he was helping me climb a rock its a beautiful photo... what happened?
  2. when can we see and vote?
  3. Megs and Vlad(?) will be deciding who wins. It will not be open to public vote.
  4. I'm pretty sure they will choose 8 pics and we vote on them!
  5. Yes, here is the info:

    The Rules
    To enter this contest, we want you to send us your personal, favorite picture that resembles love. Whether it may be your wedding picture, you and your best friend from your childhood, your kids, your relatives, a random shot of strangers you took during a vacation, your favorite romantic spot, whatever it may be. Let us feel the love and we’ll give some love back.
    Please email us with your name, your picture, an (optional) title/caption until February 10th at 6PM EST. Megs and I will then pick our favorite 8 submissions and share them with our Purse Forum community, where our members will vote on their favorite. The winner will be announced on February 14th at noon!
  6. Yey! Can´t wait for the pics!
  7. Pics are up... There were so many great pics, it was really hard to choose!