The va-va-va voom Vernis Club

  1. I only have one piece but I'll start:

  2. Here's my small contribution...My bedford. I promised Lola24 I would get a cles, so I will post that soon.
    Vernis Papillon1.jpg Vernis Papillon2.jpg
  3. ^Gorgeous bags ladies, I have these, yellow Murray backpack, perle Sac Maple Drive and my latest and current favorite lavender Spring Street
    Picture 045.jpg Picture 026.jpg Picture 017.jpg
  4. The best vernis color ever...Fuchsia :love:

  5. Another Spring Street here!!!

  6. Here are mine:
  7. I am loving the spring streets! What a beautiful, chic bag :heart:

    Silver Vernis Reade PM


    Framboise Small Ring Agenda

  8. OMG, :heart: :heart: this bag.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
    My 2 vernis pieces: baby blue lexington and framboise cles
  11. I :heart: your Vernis girls!! The Vernis line is definitely my favorite. I don´t own any yet:sad: My friend William is going to New York next month and he promised to bring me something. I think I only have money for a keyholder or an agenda, but they´re my fave things about this line.
  12. elong is that the noisette? or what color is your bedford? (cant tell)

    Hehe I've got the old beige bedford also, and a FP in the noisette, and keyholders :smile: I loveee Vernis
  13. ^^^ it's noisette.
  14. I'm aching to get a piece in Indigo.
  15. Love, love, love vernis! But only in the dark colors. alvie223, I am with with you - I love indigo!

    Here's my collection. I also have a lavender Bedford that was "in the shop" (for new handles) when this photo was taken, and a red vernis Ludlow:


    Also, here's my triple wrap indigo bracelet:
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