The usual newbie dilemma - which ONE?

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  1. Girls - I have been dithering far too long on here. There are a few constants - I know I adore Balenciagas. I know I need giant hardware. Colors are almost - ALMOST - immaterial. Purples don't really look that good with my yellow-y/olive skin tone. Blues look great but don't do it for me. White is what I have been thinking that I need to fill in a wardrobe hole - but when is it ever about holes? It has got to speak to your gut where you just swoon every time you look at the bag - no matter what the cost! Okay - so what do I need to choose from? - blacks. I saw a light black Pom Pom GSH earlier in the week at my NM's and I was loving it large. It fits my frame and I love all the silver hardware - looks very punky. And I am a rock and roll girl - use to play in a garage band with real gigs from time to time. Studs do it for me! But gold studs probably work better. Do I go for a Part Time with gold studs or this flash-in-the pan Pom Pom? I know you can't really tell me but I need some hand holding!:heart:
  2. part time all the way. the pom pom just does not do it for me. the pt is a much more classic shape.
  3. I think the PT with GGH will be more long-lasting ... says the girl with the GGH PT.;)
  4. I agree! Part Time w/ GGH all the way!

    I'm on a waiting list for it in my local boutique. The Black 08 leather looked sooo yummy, way better than the 07. The whole Black and Gold combo :drool:

    Ohhh and this one will also be my first BBAG too!!

    It's classic with a little EDGE!
  5. Absolutley the GGH Part Time. Not a Pom Pom fan.
  6. No contest here, I'm afraid. PT gets my vote.

    Not a fan of that pom-pom mess.
  7. Ohhh another reason to get GGH...

    supposedly it is going to be discontinued for S/S 09! :wtf:
  8. I think you should get the one you like the best. If you like the Pom, get that one. I do think the PT will hold it's value better should you ever decided to sell. If you know you'll keep it, get the one that sings to you.
  9. Sounds to me you like the pom pom better, i like that style too, i would love to have one in my collection someday!! Get it!!!
  10. Part time with GGH. And grab it fast! It seems that GGH will be discontinued. Good luck! And post pictures when you'vbe decided and bought your first Bbag!
  11. I vote for Part Time with GGH too! :tup: I just got my first today and I'm head over heals!!
  12. Yet another vote for a Black PT with can't go wrong!
  13. Black GGH PT gets my vote.
  14. Did you try on the PT as well? Like bb10lue, I think you like the Pompom better, I say go with what looks good on you.
  15. i like the part time and the pom pom, and I think the pom pom goes very well with a rock n' roller girl:tup:

    a bag u might not see very often

    so my vote is for the pom pom