The UPS man just delievered my Wallis Family lol

  1. I have always loved the Wallis Mary Jane so I went ahead and scooped them all up. They are a tad big at the heel, but an insert will solve that problem. I should have bought a 39.5 instead of the 40, but I wasn't sure since it was patent.

    So, here is the rouge, black, and nude patent.
    February 19 2008 010.jpg February 19 2008 011.jpg February 19 2008 013.jpg February 19 2008 001.jpg February 19 2008 002.jpg
  2. The rouge :yahoo:
    February 19 2008 030.jpg February 19 2008 033.jpg February 19 2008 032.jpg February 19 2008 025.jpg February 19 2008 027.jpg
  3. And the black patent:


    I got lazy by this time for modeling photos. LOL
  4. If the shoe fits, buy one in every color... ;)

    They are beautiful. I'm especially loving the rouge.
  5. OMG Asha they are such fab shoes!!! all in great colors, you will get alot of use out of them, they are sooooo cute. Are they 100's?
  6. ooh i love the rouge!! is it the same color as the wine rolandos?? i'm so tempted by them, are they still available somewhere?
  7. Love them all! The rouge is especially beautiful!
  8. Wow....gorgeous shoes! I love all the colors!!!
  9. Asha, your shoes are to TDF!! Where did you get them?
  10. :shocked: Wherever did you find these lovelies?? I love the Wallis, and thought it was no longer available!
  11. WOW!!! Beautiful shoes--all of them! Those are fabulous colors too--classic, and perfect.

    :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS! :yahoo:
  12. CL boutique ladies. They are 100 mm.

    And, thanks for the wonderful compliments. They are just cute basics.
  13. Asha you have to stop!!!!! You are making me commit the sin of lusting after that which belongs to another!!!!! LOVE THEM. I like CLs but I LOVE PATENT.

    Those nude are gorgeous on you. :tup:
  14. cute basics...divine basics...fantastic new purchases!
  15. The rouge is NOT the same color as the rolandos. It's more of a burgandy IMO. The close up photos clearly depict the actual color.