1. I just called the SH factory store for my tracking information, and the UPS claim to have delivered it two days ago!!!!!!

    I think not!!

    They say it was left at the house...with the correct address!!!

    it was close to $500 worth of could they do you think it was stolen?
  2. Oh noes!! Did they just leave in on the floor in front of your house or did someone sign for it? I know that UPS sometimes would knock on the doors of neighbors and ask them to sign if the receiver isn't home. Why they do that I have no idea!!! Happened to me a few times. Good thing I'm in good terms with my neighbors.

    So sorry to hear this. :sad: You should bug UPS to track down what happened to it.
  3. Maybe it could have been stolen. What type of neighborhood do you live in? Did u make sure they sent it to the right address?? Sometimes they can screw up addresses. I had a package delivered to a neighbor a few doors down before. She gave it back but I called into the company and they sent me a replacement. Of course it wasn't worth 500 so I would call and make sure. I can only imagine how you feel now.
  4. I live in Bayside, NY. It's considered an upper middle class area and is a relatively safe neighborhood.

    I checked the address and it's correct!

    I haven't checked with the neighbors yet though. I will shortly after this post.

    They told me they left it at the house and it was signed by the officer "G.O." ... okay...

    This has never happened before and I'm incredibly upset right now...

    you can't even replace it, given the limited amounts and print placement of the items..
  5. Hopefully you'll find it. If only all websites had the option of having the customer give special directions for their packages......
  6. I think UPS has to be responsible for have the wrong signature. They'll probably track the package down and you'll get just will take longer. What really stinks is that you're on Long Island right? Stinks. It didn't even go that far!
  7. I live basically on the other side of the island. I checked with the neighbors, and's not there either.

    Another sad fact is..I might not get my money back if I can't prove it wasn't received! (UPS tracking claims it was delivered) They said they delivered it to my address so..where would they start looking?
    I have a decent sized front yard, driveway and a flight of stairs to go up, before you reach my door, so not that many people would walk by and feel that tempted to steal it..
    I don't know what to do
    I wrote UPS an email...can't get to an operator by phone... so I feel a little hopeless:crybaby:
  8. Well you need to ask them why they let some "Officer G.O" sign. I don't know if you allowed them to have anyone else sign a package for you before but if you haven't then you need to contact them about that. If you're not at home they should have delivered the next day....they do that to me. Wonder why they didn't do that to you. That sucks. I would be really pissed. UPS has never made a mistake with me. It's always been USPS. I would tell you to look all around your house but since someone signed for it, then it's not going to be there. It ahould be theie fault if they let some weird guy sign for your package and you didn't allow it.
  9. They told me the UPS officer can sign and leave it at your door, if no one answered. My little sister was home for the most part of the day..and never saw it
  10. ups offer insurance when u bought the bag? i think thet did. check with the outlet if it is covered. but of course i hope they find the package.
  11. I've never even heard of a UPS officer before but I think that's a really stupid rule.
  12. I think if they sign for it (instead of having you sign for it) then it should be covered by insurance. The very fact that their "officer" signed means they acknowledge no one answered the door so they just left it. That makes them responsible.
  13. I totally agree with Dream here. If the UPS guy signed instead of you, then that was an acknowledgement that he just left it instead of it being delivered to the party it was designated for. Maybe UPS should start making their employees responsible for more of these packages that they toss around? If a UPS worker makes the decision to sign for the package and dump it on a doorstep and it gets lost, maybe they should have to cover the cost of the invoice?
  14. i totally agree with maleficent and dreams. If they signed for it, they are responsible. But im hoping that you do find it and it is just temporarily misplaced.

    Good luck!!!
  15. My husband had a UPS package that said "delivered" when we checked online but it turned out it was actually taken back to UPS land and it got delivered the next day!