The UPS guy made one last delivery tonight!!

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  1. Ive been waiting weeks for this shipment! UPS completely sucks but thats a whole other story,

    Now I can finally introduce my brand new 07 Black Work and 07 Sandstone GH Hobo!!! :yahoo:

    I am in complete and total love with my work! This is the first one I've owned and I can see now there may be no turning back:graucho: Im not totally sold on the Sandstone GH Hobo, she is lovely, just not sure how much use I will get out of her. As much as I try I am just not a brown girl.

    Here they are!
    blackwork2.JPG sandstonehobo2.JPG
  2. Indeed.. there's no turning back!!!! I love both of them, especially the Black Work!! it's such a classy color and style, and it will go with anything in your closet!!! Congrats!
  3. GORGEOUS!!!:heart::heart::heart: OMGGGG!!!!! That work is beautiful!!! I'm glad you LOVE the work style now!!! They're the best!!! I am seriously in love with the sandstone GH Hobo!!!:love: The color with the GH is TDF!!!!:drool::drool::drool: I think you're crazy for being "iffy" about it!!! Seriously gorgeous!!! Does the color look like that IRL?
  4. wow. they're both super super the leather on both bags.
  5. Oh so yummy! I have a black work that I just love! You won 't be able to turn back! You'll just want more!!! Congrats!!!!
  6. Congrats :yahoo:I love Sandstone. It is my favorite color.:wlae:
  7. gorgeous!!!!!! love the work, i am on the hunt for one myself :yes:
  8. You know, I was ok with having an addiction to the smaller bags -first, cities and twiggies. But this new love of the work might get expensive! Keep me away from the weekender....especiall with GH!

    I've just sold 3 bbags, Im going to have to take a new family photo soon with my new additions!
  9. BTW, I told Kim exactly what I wanted...matte, smooth but wrinkly and thick and she totally delivered. Its perfect! :yes:
  10. this new love of the work might get expensive!

    have you seen the white work on ebay right now?! super gorgeous - sorry, don't mean to be an enabler, but i just happen to notice your sig - might have to check it out!;)
  11. Nicole have you been hacking into myebay and checking out my "items im watching" list? :graucho:

    I wanted a white work with silver gh but since Bal isnt making it I may have to "settle" for one with rh.
  12. [​IMG]


    Fabulous bbags and i love them esp ur 07 black work and the leather is TDF....thanks for sharing:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Congrats! Your bags are gorgeous.........I love the Work size too. Are you sure about Bal not making the Work in white w/ Silver? I can't believe they wouldn't make that combo.:sad:
  14. I was emailing back and forth with Daphne today about what waitlist I wanted to be on and when I told her I wanted a White Work with Silver GH she said they're not releasing ANY white bags period for F07. :crybaby:

    Just Cream with Gold GH and Classic hardware

    White and Silver are a gorgeous combo imo, dont know why they wouldnt have made it.

  15. Holy $#@! I can't believe it! So this must be cream w/ rh........


    To me, silver and white would've been a big hit. How sad.