The Unthinkable...Hermes Bag Regrets

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  1. Let's discuss any regrets when it comes to our H bag purchases.

    Was it the actual bag style itself? The size you chose?
    Was it too heavy? Was it too small?
    Was it the color? The leather type?
    Too rigid? Too much slouch?
    The wear and tear of usage?
    Just anything you can share about what you didn't like.
    Share your story.

    If you would like to stick in any accessory talk feel free as well.

    I started to think we talk about all the great things, but not as much in depth on the negatives. Maybe this thread can help all of us.
  2. Oh boy. Where do I begin!

    --28cm miel porosus rigide Kelly. I adored this bag but I felt like I was carrying around a suitcase! It was just too big and too heavy for me. Sigh - I loved that Kelly (but she ended up in a great home!:yahoo: ).

    --Canoe. I bought this gorgeous vibrato tote but was afraid to use it. That is sooooo unlike me. So, I sold it.

    --Trim. I learned that I don't like shoulder bags. Too bad because this one was vert anis chevre and I loved the color!

    --Royal Blue Lizard Mini Bolide. At 15cm, this bag was too small even for me!

    It just goes to show that sometimes it is just a process of trial and error. :shrugs:
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  3. Karo clutch...

    Drooled over everyones :drool:

    got one (after taking everyones time up discussing colors, leather etc!!!),:yahoo: SA had to 'find ' one for me,

    did not like it,:sad:

    returned it.:shame:
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  4. hum... none so far when it comes to my bags, I love each and everyone of them just as they are, to me they are all just right and perfect! But I've gotta say I've gotten some accessories that I feel very guilty about because they're just sitting there and I haven't used them at all since I've gotten them... such as the agenda... I really should just sell it to some lady here who would give it a good home and plenty of air time...
  5. 35 ebene vache ligee birkin..... just too dark for me.....

    26 rouge vif sac en vie......dh hated it ... but i think it was a little too formal for me...
  6. Excellent thread KB!!!
  7. totally agreed on the trial and error -- but what i love about hermes is that you generally can get some of, all or more than your money back by selling!

    my regrets are:

    1. amazonia GM vespa -- everything falls in and gets jumbled together on the bottom -- i couldn't find a thing in it without rummaging, so i sold it.

    2. chevre kelly 32 -- too small for work and sold. (if i hadn't been at the beginning of my collection i would have kept it for its sheer beauty!)

    3. masai pm -- too small and currently for sale (are we seeing a trend here? ;) )
  8. actually, i love all my H bags... :shame:
  9. i loved each and every bag i have even if i don't get to wear most of them all the time..........
  10. My plume:crybaby:
  11. Absolutely no bag the black trifecta...but...a cashmere shawl regret (went to eBay...too much fabric)...a tweedee scarf/shawl regret (went to eBay...too heavy) too many bracelets (went to eBay)...and I love two of the three Karo clutches I have purchased (one may be a bit bold for chevre GM...)
  12. Massai GM - didn't do research and had it located and brought in. Bought it sight unseen and almost passed out at the hugeness of it. Returned.

    Blue Jean Togo Globetrotter Agenda - Just not something I use. Sold.

    Sterling Silver Hippo Keychain - Frivolous impulse. Sold.

    28cm HAC in beige - (can't remember official color) Again an impulse. The color was too bland and the handles were too small to fit my hand through them. Uncomfortable to hand carry all the time. Sold.

    Plisse scarf - Try as I might I cannot get it to lay in a flattering way on my neck. Returned and purchased same pattern in regular twill.

    Hola Flamenco Scarf - Bought one then 2 other family members purchased same one so I didn't feel it was "special" anymore. Gave away to friend.

    Heart Cadena - Impulse buy, don't really use them. Sold.

    Potiron Picotin MM - Very cute but not really easy to use. It felt quite bulky on me. Sold.

    Blue Jean Dogon Wallet Togo - The color was too light. Exchanged.

    Mousseline Chiffon Stole - Solid color shows every thread pull and if carrying a baby any drop of drool becomes a stain. Gave it away.

    Medor Watch Paladium and Potiron Strap - The top of the watch constantly smashed into my car window while driving or opening the window. (I talk with my hands a lot.) Not very practical to have to open a watch to see the time as it doesn't allow one to be subtle. And lastly, not a kid friendly watch. I was afraid my infant would accidentally roll her head onto the peaks of it and become injured. Sold.

    BTW _ Fabulous thread!!!!!! Zero regrets on any Birkin purchase!!!
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  13. What didn't you like about your plume?
  14. Hmmm,
    - orange Ulysee - I discovered that I don't like agendas at all and don't use them - sold

    My bags are not perfect but I love them dearly and will not part with them.
    I'd say the Birkin 35 is heavier and bulkier than I'd expected. BUT, it fits into the perfect niche into my life where I use it every week, enjoy the heck out of it and don't worry about making it a true everyday bag.
    I'm at the point where I just want more and different bags to fill in some wardroble holes but I surely don't want to part with the ones I have.
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  15. No regrets with my bags. Need to use my Ulysee more. But I do enjoy just seeing it there in my bag. :P