1. Who the hell are these **** ebayers. They have very little feedback, sometimes there name starts with a letter then stars * or a letter then star then letter.

    Im so pissed with them, they seem to just bid on items for the sake of it and never win. They have their f/back as private.

    Has anyone else experienced them ??
  2. Hi, No some of the auctions are like $1, and still ***, its really annoying me because its happening all the time, they bid on things on and off like they are pushing the price up.
  3. Does the auction have a reserve? If the auction has reserve over $200, then I also find the bidders are all *** from the beginning.
  4. I've noticed that too!
  5. OMG, I hate them with a passion! They completely drove up the price of a wallet I had my heart set on - in the first 2 days of the auction! I couldn't believe my max bid was surpassed not once but twice! And all of these boneheads are 0 feedback bidders. I'll bet if they won they'd be nonpaying bidders as well.
  6. Hi, no not all the time, I think there names just have **** in them, but they allways bid early and never win the item. :smile:
  7. yes exactly what happens to me, they mostly have no feeback or very little, they are so annoying :smile:
  8. Maybe the sellers are just making up new eBay id's to shill bid. :tdown:
  9. You can ask eBay about it for the specific auction, report it as a possible shill bid. It used to confuse the heck out of me and I thought the same suspicious thoughts, but i do think it's generally the eBay policy and not the buyer hiding their ID.
  10. Shill bidding is only if you or a "friend" are bidding up your auction just to raise the price up.
    If a stranger just bids, it's just considered regular bidding and eBay won't do anything about it, that is unless they win and then disappear...

    I really hate eBay's new "concealed" bidder thing; it's so stupid!!! If a seller doesn't want others to see who's bidding on their things, then run a private auction, but for eBay to blot out names like that for security's sake, is darn right stupid! Why do it? If you are a buyer on eBay, you should read all the rules and be aware that there are scammers out there, thus know when you get a fake email, which to me is so obvious!:push: