the unknown cacahuette & my trip to canada

  1. my pics are in the members items thread now, posts 181 and 182

    got home late last night. had fun. will add a small pic to pazt's thread about travel in a minute.
    natalie at the H boutique was very nice and helpful. i had wanted to buy a pocket square, but they had a small selection and none of them appealed. very disappointing. could have used the comfort of a little gift like that when we had some plane drama going home (still at the gate, thankfully, nut job had a fit, opened back door, deployed inflatable slide, had to be subdued). we had an emergency evacuation that almost got ugly and then a 3 hour wait. dh miraculously got us on another flight on another airline that would take us to another airport in another state. lol long cab ride home but we made it. sadly, without a pocket square. lol it's the little things, right. anyway anyway, sorry for rambling - so tired and out of it. but i've got my priorities straight. here are some pics of the store. tons of kelly bags from 28-25 and bolides. i tried the 31 bolide in raisin clemence. utterly beautiful, i mean bag perfection, but just too heavy, even empty.
    store1.jpg store2.jpg
  2. where did you travel to in canada ? is that a bicolor kelly in the first picture ?
  3. oops, sorry. it was toronto. the boutique is on bloor street.
    it is a tri-color.
  4. Welcome back, HH! Sorry to hear of the chaos at the airport, but at least you got home safely. Sorry, too, about the lack of a pocket square! That is very disappointing. But look at those Kellys!! I can't believe you weren't tempted into an impulse buy. You are a very strong and brave woman!! LOL!
  5. HH, what a nightmare of a trip, so glad you're OK
    Thanks for posting pics of your very cool and elegant bag!
    Wow, a 31 Bolide is too heavy? I never would have guessed that.
    You'll find your pocket square or rather it will find you and it will be purrrrfect!
  6. thank you !!!
  7. Sorry to hear about that incident just before take-off. Thank goodness it was nothing serious tho! Glad you're home safe and sound.:flowers:

    Ooh, what yummy Kelly colours! Is that 2 diff browns on the bottom shelf?
  8. yeah, sorry my little adventure dominated my post. still a little scrambled from the whole production i guess.
    ninja sue i am in no rush. no impulse buys for me. nope, wasn't tempted.
    hello2703 a pocket square should be very easy to find (kind of surprised i didn't get one, but they really had barely a dozen) so i will pick one up soon. just would have been nice to have one from a trip. bolide felt very significant, and it was totally empty. i like to walk straight, tired of having a bag be an anchor (toting around dd's stuff).
  9. oh yes sorry, on the right it is a two tone brown kelly, on the left it is a tri-color.
  10. HH, i'm glad you're doing ok after that flight scare!

    look at those kelly eye candies.........lovely! that C bag is lovely! post more pics, pls.........:nuts:

  11. ooooooooooo, that two-tone kelly in brown is TDF! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. i posted the bag pics in the members thread. you can't want more then that. lol i thought i inundated tpf with them.
    i was pitiful when i told customs "nothing" in response to purchases. i went into chanel too, in search of a new wallet. found many great potentials but want to look around some more at the stores here as this (chanel) is new territory for me.
  13. Welcome back HH!
    sorry about the flight scare. you deserve 2 pocket squares for that..wait..a dozen!
    anywhoo..those Kellys are saw the do you like the size? or prefer 25?
  14. Flying is so scary recently! Good to hear that you are safely back.

    By the way, I love your cachuette! Personally, I don't think it's a bag for me since I have a tendency to carry alot and I suspect the beauty of the cachuette is the slim lines...
  15. H- So sorry to hear about the drama at the airport. Are you doing okay?
    What was your favorite size bag?