the uniqueness of the Haute Maroquinerie-club

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  1. Ok -
    so Dixie79 and I had the honour of being invited to the private Haute Maroquinerie Salon of the Champs Elysees-store last week, and we both placed an order for a personal piece.

    It will take 5 months to craft, but we already received our creations by confirmation, and in about October I will be the oh-so-happy owner of the following piece....

    ( I will let Dixie79 present her own...)

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  2. For those interested in the stats:

    Product reference: Lockit PM
    Series number : XXXXX
    Exterior leather : Veau Ecorce
    Leather lining : Chèvre
    Exterior colour : Brun
    Interior colour : Tabac
    Metal fastenings : Palladium
    Initials or name to be engraved on the personalised key plate: (MY NAME! Haha!)
    Product price : 5,000.00 EUR
    Estimated delivery date : 04/11/2012
  3. ^^ wow.... I am so looking forward to your reveal!!!!

    I saw this in pic and really like it. Any clue on its price?

  4. Sorry, afraid not. Can give a guess of EUR
    Anyone else with info here?
  5. Chin.. I love this also and try to figure out how to order it. You can only order in person through invitation and you have to attend the 2 hour presentation before ordering any of these special bag. My friend went to Paris on LV invitation, she ordered two bags, one of them is the Milaris. The price is closed to $9000.00 US dollars.
  6. Wow.... 9000usd... I was hoping it will be a little less. Sigh...
  7. Thank u!

    I hope to see more of these haute pieces...
  8. Thanks for sharing ...can't wait for your reveal:smile:
  9. I'm sure this will be a very small elite clubhouse! I will drool from the sidelines...:graucho:
  10. There was no "presentation" per se - but we did open the session with discussing the different bags, sizes, leather options, colour combinations etc.
    I guess for any of us in here, though, that would NOT be a problem. :P
    Also, we have to go back to the store to pick it up, they would not send it to Norway. Guess Paris in the fall will be OK too:graucho:
    but that IS something to consider if one travels far to order.
  11. Not to worry! Club House guests are more than welcome ;)
  12. MowCam... I cannot wait to see your lockit...:smile:
  13. So I ordered mine togheter whit Mowcam on our amazing trip to Paris!! Was going back and fourth between Lockit MM and the Neo Steamer, but endet up whit a Lockit MM, and it's mine in about 5 months...

    Here is the pic from the confrimation...

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  14. Her is the complete order:

    Product reference: Lockit MM
    Series number : XXXXXXXX
    Exterior leather : Veau Bougie
    Leather lining : Chèvre
    Exterior colour : Tabac
    Interior colour : Mandarine
    Metal fastenings : Palladium
    Initials or name to be engraved on the personalised key plate MY NAME
    Product price : 5,400.00 EUR
    Estimated delivery date : 04/11/2012
  15. Looks like me and Christine Lagarde have the same taste.... But think this is a GM...

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