THe unatainable

  1. Which is the ONE chanel you covet but just can't get for what ever reason???

    Right now mine is the logo charms classic flap ...
  2. Hi, is the logo charms classic flap the one with lots of tiny logos in gold and silver? If so then they have 3 in Chanel in London. The Brompton Cross Store. Two x black and one white. Hope this helps!!! VKD
  3. Yeah I have seen them in New York ... unattainable because of the price!!!

    I could get three chanels in the 2000 dollar range for one of those!!!
  4. Ah, yeah ....
  5. And yeah ...


    PS. thanks to JILL for posting those babies!
  6. Oh yeah, this beauty ....
  7. Oh, and OMG, let us not forget this one ...

  8. All in croc I assume????

    Anyone know what the most expensive Chanel bag is???
  9. I believe it is the diamond one featured in Forbes magazine

  10. Was a price mentioned?
  11. OMG! It's scary what I'd do for this bag.
  12. I love the star attitude flap bag - but yeah it's pricey and I don't see myself owning one unless I can find it on eBay (many years from now) marked WAY down.
  13. The Sharpey tote. It's not COMPLETELY unaffordable, but I can never get myself to save up for one because I'm afraid of the leather!
  14. for me it's the pale silvery gold alligator reissue size 226 I saw in a case at NM newport beach. i think the price was that of a small domestic car...don't think i could ever justify the price but yeahhh i'd like to drive that bag home.