The ULTIMATE TPF meet......Vegas 2009

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  1. So guys what do you think?

    I think if we set our minds to it we can make happen almost like a TPF conference with a ton of shopping it would be the break we'd never forget

    Maybe the week of the TPF anniversary which I think is September??

    Vegas is perfect so many shops, a ton of hotel rooms, lots of entertainment and the weather will be nice too hot but not crazy hot

    So seriously guys what do you think can we do it

    The Ultimate TPF Meet Vegas 2009
  2. Im not committing just yet but Im very interested and I will be finished college then so time is no problem :yahoo:
  3. I'm always up for a trip to Vegas!
  4. me too!!!!
  5. I would love to but it would need to be end of August for me as I am a teacher!
  6. I am definitely going!!!! I'll be practically done with school by then and Vegas is so close to me anyway. I'm already excited! :nuts: (Caesars Palace is the best!)
  7. I would love to do this but it'd have to be in summer months...with my daughter's school and figure skating schedule, there's no way Sep-May.
  8. ^^I have figure skating competitions in September too! August would be a great month for the meet...
  9. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  10. I just got back from Vegas a few hours ago. AMAZING shopping... I am so ready to go back. I am in for sure.
  11. This is something that would be AWESOME!!!! If it is on a weekend it is something I can definetely try to work out!:tup::yahoo:
  12. This sounds great!
  13. awesome! I would go for the kids need their Mom. I think I would travel w/DH to celebrate my B-day which is in the same month. Killing 2 birds in 1 shoot.
  14. I would definitely go!
  15. I would totally fly in for this! :smile: Great idea.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.