The ultimate shoe (IN your collection)

  1. I don't know if this has been done before.. but please share your "ultimate" shoes... IN your collection..

    1. Heels
    2. Boots
    3. Flats


    1. Moschino heels... I've had them quite a while now but I'm still in love, and wearing them cheers me up...:p
    2. Gucci boots - amazingly comfortable and completely my style.

    3. RAS ballerinas.. :smile: So comfy and cute:heart:

    But ladies, I love every other pair I own.. haha.. not just these ;)
  2. excuse the large photo size... anyone know how to resize?
  3. ok, thanks ylime.. what are your favourites?
  4. I love all my shoes too but these are just a tad more special...

    Heels - Louboutin nude Very Prive. Ultimate in sexiness!


    Boots - I live in the tropics, so boots are out for me. :nogood:

    Flats - Bottega Veneta coin purse ballerina flats. Cute!

  5. i love your louboutins!:heart:
  6. I have several. Since I can only choose one, here they are:
    P1010027_1.JPG P1010025_1.JPG

  7. WOW! The BVs are TDF!!! So unique... I love em'!
  8. i don't have many pairs of shoes (only 15-ish and most aren't designer), but these are my faves: mj mouse flats! the other mj flats in the 1st pic are my 2nd faves.

  9. Here's my favorite shoe. I do not own any flats, and I need to get a new pair of boots for fall. I must confess I'm really not a shoe person.

  10. for me it's a toss up between these two:

  11. OMG I love these shoes!!!!!!
  12. Kat...I have those too, i think they are my faves in my collection.
  13. Kat, I LOVE your louboutins, simply stunning!
  14. These are my ultimate shoes right now, off the top of my head, but will soon change with the new season.
    lanvin_s07_940.jpg lanvins07adcampaignshoes.JPG lanvinf_s07_940.jpg