The ultimate question- Tote or Crossbody??

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  1. Hello lovelies! So I am torn on what my next purchase should be! I really move both the Saint Laurent Shopping bag, and the Lou Camera bag.
    I am a small bag kind of person typically- because I feel they’re more diverse and easier to use for everyday. But I am also trying to think about which would be more useful in the long run. In that sense, I feel I should lean towards the tote because that’s ALWAYS a bag that will have a purpose and is a basic staple!
    Does anyone have any experience with either of these bags?
    And what is your view about the tote vs. Crossbody conversation?
    Any and all opinions are helpful! IMG_1463.jpg IMG_1462.jpg
  2. For me, they have totally different uses. I carry a tote to work, but on the weekend I'm far more likely to be in a crossbody with just the essentials. I wouldn't carry a tote on a Friday night out, but the Lou is appropriate for casual evenings out.
    I think black leather totes are a dime a dozen to be honest! I want a tote that I can throw under my desk, cram it under the seat in front of me if I'm travelling with it, stash by my feet at a restaurant, etc without fear of having to baby it. The YSL tote leather is very beautiful but from when I've handled them in store it doesn't feel terribly durable. I know some people liked a lived in look, but I don't want a nicked up, soft buttery leather in a tote, personally.
    For these reasons I would be far more likely to get the camera bag; I just think you get more design at the price point. And then get a no name black leather tote and abuse it without shame :smile: (the one i'm using right now is from Banana Republic hah)
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  3. I have the tote and it’s great. Very durable. I do kick it around and put it on the floor. It still looks great. I think it’s more useful than a small crossbody bag personally. You would get more use out of a tote overall. I prefer to spend more money on bags I use more often as then you get more wear out of it rather than occasional dress up bags.
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