The Ultimate Question: Silver or Gold Hardware?



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  1. Do you prefer silver or gold hardware (if there is any) on your Chanels? And any particular reason? Does the color of the bag affect your preference? How about style?

    For me since all my everyday jewelry is silver/ I usually prefer silver. However I think gold compliments earth tones well so I usually tend towards gold hardware for earth-tone handbags. Also for bright colors, I like silver hardware. Style doesn't affect my decision unless the style of the handbag is composed of like 75% hardware or something ;)
  2. Gold - just because I wear gold rings & bracelets, and it suits my skintone!

  3. Hey Jen!

    I think I'm one of the very few girls our age who prefers gold for just about everything. Most of my jewelry is yellow gold so I like my hardware to match. I also think there's just something rich looking about Chanel's gold hardware... LOL probably because it's REAL gold plate!

    I like the way it looks paired with the pink bags, especially, and I have a couple of those.
  4. Silver - but I use both, as I prefer gold hardware if wearing a gold necklace.
  5. Thanks for sharing your preferences ladies, I'm always interested in what other people like and I appreciate you girls sharing with me :love:

    Intl - I never knew Chanel gold was real gold plate! wow I really learn something new (about handbags at least ;) ) here everyday. thanks so much for telling me! ohh, pink and gold is quite pretty but then pink looks great with almost anything. I :love: pink!
  6. At first I thought I wanted silver because I wear mostly silver. But I took my Chanel Jumbo out for the first time yesterday with gold hardware and I loved it so much. I just think for me, there is something VERY CLASSIC CHANEL about the gold hardware. Does anyone know when they started introducing silver? I dont think they always used silver hardware? But not sure.
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  7. I personally will go for silver especially for classic flap because :
    1. more chick not too "loud"
    2. I don't wear yellow gold at all
    3. I think gold one reminds me alot of my grandma generation bags
    4. more casual look

    That's me
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  8. It depends on the bag for me. I like my black caviar tote with gold hardware, but I like the classic flap bag with silver hardware :biggrin:
  9. I agree - I think it depends on the bag. I don't really prefer one over the other. I like the gold chains on my tote and reissue. Although, i'd like a caviar flap with silver. Also, depends on the color. The navy flap looks great with silver hardware.

    I think it's all personal preference really... I like Cristina's and pursegalsf's tote with the gold. That's just me though...
  10. silver all the way
  11. I have silver on my black caviar and yellow gold with my beige caviar:smile:
  12. I like silver just because that is what I usually wear
  13. Definitely silver for me!
  14. Silver for me too. I think it is more casual than the gold, which fits my style better.
  15. I prefer silver and I'm DYING for the large or small tote in black w/ silver but I can't find it!!!