The Ultimate Insult. I May Be Done with Coach.

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  1. I placed a last minute order for accessories last night. I told the SA I wanted the item in boxes but I want all my tags on. She said if we mark it gift wrap they (JAX) have to take off the tags. So I said okay I'll just call CS and ask to add boxes to my order. (That's what I did on my last order 2 weeks ago and they shipped me boxes).

    So I call today, and the lady that answered first told me there's no order for me, call the store to verify they placed it. I said, "Are you sure? Try it again." Turns out she entered my zip code wrong the first time. She finds it and I tell her about needing boxes and she says, "We can't send you any. We don't keep extras" I told her that didn't even sound right. They are boxes you ship them out in, not something that's bag specific how do you not have any? I then told her about the box situation with my last order, why I didn't ask for gift wrapping through the store and how I got boxes the last order. She still says no. I ask to speak to a manager.
    She says, "He's not available. I'll give you his voicemail."
    Me: "No, I want to talk to someone."
    Her: "I can't have you holding my line up."
    Me: "Listen, I want to speak to a supervisor."
    I hear hold music. Look at my phone 16 minutes later. Still holding. After a few minutes, a dial tone.

    At this point, I'm furious. I call back, new lady answers, I tell her what happened and that I need to speak to a manager. Manager comes online and I start to tell him about the employee before that was rude. He cuts me off and says, "Look. Gladys (the lady) came to me and told me the issue. We can't send you boxes."
    Me: "Excuse me. I was still talking. Why can't you send me boxes if you've sent them before? That doesn't make any..."
    Him: Cuts me off again and says "They should've told you we don't do that."
    Me: "Why do you keep cutting me off?" "What is going on lately? First the lacking quality in customer service at the store. Then the raise in prices. Then the bags coming from the warehouse with defects. And now rude customer service even at CS? I dropped over 5k 2 weeks ago during the first week of PCE and over 3k on just accessories last night and this is how I get treated?"
    Him: "Yeah, I see you've returned 77% of that 5k order."
    Me: "Wow. Everything I order were items that were sight unseen from the catalog. I ordered 2 of each legacy stripe wallet so I could keep the one I like better and send back to other. As far as my bags can you see what I've returned and why? BECAUSE OF DEFECTS and before trying to insult me why don't you relook at those returns and see that they were EXCHANGES for reorder of the SAME item. Do you really expect me to keep a 798 bag if the stitching is coming out? It's my right as a customer to receive a bag in excellent quality. And if returns are such an issue, why do the SAs in the store tell us, "Just buy it you can always return it if you change your mind?"
    Him: "Well, it looks like you already did most of that."
    Me: "Wow, I don't have a problem walking into Coach and returning every bit of that 3k order from last night when it comes in. I will be calling corporate."
    Him: "Call them. They can pull the conversation and go from there."
    Me: "Goodbye."

    I call corporate. Answering service answers.
    Me: "I'd like to place a complaint with corporate."
    Next thing I hear is hold music. no "one moment, hold on" nothing.
    Then I hear the prompt for the CS line.
    Hang up. Call back. Same lady answers.
    Me: "I just called and I asked for corporate, not CS."
    Hold music. Disconnect.

    I cannot believe this.
    I call back tell the lady I cannot believe she hung up on me. As I contiinue to talk she cuts me off ans says, "Look lady I didn't hang up on you. I transferred you. You must have disconnected yourself." I ask the lady for her name and associate number. She says, "Mary."
    Me: "What's your ext or SA number?"
    Her: "You don't need it."
    Me: "If I want to place a complaint about how rude you've been how do I do it without your extension or number?"
    Her: "Just tell them I'm the one who answered the phone."
    Hold music. VOICEMAIL.
    I get the voicemail for some lady. I just hung up.

    I'm in tears. I don't believe this. First the store. Now this.

    You know what I returned? The two ergo XLs. Why? Because they were bigger than I anticipated. I'd never seen them before. Why'd I order two? Because I was worried the leather would be scratched up so I order two thinking I'd keep the best one.

    What else? The extra wallet. Why? I bought two hoping to get one with a pink stripe. They couldn't open it in the warehouse and check it for me.

    What else did I return? The Ali and turquoise, WHY? GOT IT CHEAPER AT THE OUTLET. BOTH OF THEM. I got the large ergo for the price I paid for the small at the boutique
    Who in their right minds wouldn't do this?

    What did I have to exchange for the same thing?
    The Mandy, 3 times and the khaki satchel still waiting for it to come in because when I got it the second time they sent me the wrong color.

    So out of everything the only things I returned were the 2 ergo XLs and the extra wallet. is that so bad?

    I seriously feel like even though i love the coach style and no other brand designs really stick out to me I need to return every single item that still has tags on it back to the store.

    I'm sorry this is so long, but I just can't believe this happened.
    I'm in tears right now and I'm furious.
  2. That is AWFUL and UNCALLED FOR - I am so sorry you were treated so badly! I would be LIVID with anger by this point. ARGH I don't even know what to say about what awful service you were given... :cursing:
  3. Wow sweetie, I'm just SO sorry. There's no reason for anybody to be treated like that. The nerve of the store...and the nerve of the manager!! How can somebody be so cruel to their customers? Especially one that drops that much money. Unbelievable. Return every piece you've bought that still has tags on it, it's what I'd do.
  4. I have never gotten any coach, but I still read through this. I*m really sorry for you. It seems like coach uses a system they cannot maintain properly themselves. First of all I think it's senseless how they have the same things in store as they have at the outlets. Like you said, it's only natural to return a bag if you get it at a better price somewhere else. They should only have last seasons leaft overs to make things easier. FOr this reason it's hard to blame a customer for returning a lot when they have such a stupid and not thought through policy!

    You also encountered some people that should've guarded their words more carefully, especially the one that apparantly got you disconnencted.

    ANd imagine all of this over some boxes.. Truly amazing.

    Next time, I suggest you try eluxury or LV.
  5. That was horrible. I'm so sorry.
  6. I didn't specify, This happened at the 800 number.
  7. i am so sorry to hear this. This is the exact reason I stay away from coach stores and instead get them through nordstorm.

    I would be so furious to ever deal with them again. I had defect on my tote and all I gotten was snide comments at my local coach store. No way I am giving a single cent more of my business.

    You are not alone in this frustration with increasing prices and worse quality and atrocious service. My blood is boiling just reading your post.
  8. I'd be so pissed off if this happened to me! I'd immediately stop purchasing from Coach and move on to another brand. What they need to remember is that they have a job because of the money we are spending with their company. Without us, there is no them! :rant:
  9. Oh wow, this was at JAX?? I thought it was at a boutique!
  10. that is so incredibly horrible! i am so sorry you had to go through this. even if you did have returns and exchanges, he had NO right whatsoever to treat you that way! I hope you take this further. someone needs to be held accountable for this!

  11. I have about 10 handbag boxes 6 large 4 medium, and 6 small charm boxes. If you want them PM me I can send them to you without a problem. Sorry this happened, it hasn't happened to me with Coach but I've had bad CS I know how you feel.
  12. Oh wow....I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry this happened to you, and wouldn't blame you if you took every single thing that still has tags back and told them exactly why you're returning it.
  13. WOW WOW WOW...That is TERRIBLE!!! I do not buy Coach items for myself however, I go into my local outlet all the time to buy gifts and I have never had that kind of service. Im so sorry. I wanted to BEAT the manager that was talking to you. Beyond rude. Im so sorry. It seems you love your coach, can you maybe just find an SA that you deal with exclusively that you really like? Again, Im so sorry for your frustration and for being treated so poorly. xx
  14. I agree 100%. No one deserves to get bad customer service, regardless of how much they spent in a store - ever!! And the very fact that you have spent that much money in that store, and that they should know you... definately NOT acceptable.

    I would return EVERYTHING you possibly can, that hasn't been used & still has tags. (Keep anything you really can't part with... because I have a feeling this may put you off for a bit.) Honestly, I know I can be a "b" sometimes - but you know what I would do?? I would PRINT OUT THIS THREAD........ before taking back everything and throw it down on the counter after they have returned everything and say, "You know what? You aren't listening, so THIS is why I have returned everything... AND is why I will be taking my money, time, and patience elsewhere. Apparently, I'm not the only one that thanks customer service is a crazy idea. Thanks for your help." Done.

    PyAri... I'm sorry you've had such bad luck with them lately... it really seems to be the luck of the draw. The ladies at my store are fabulous, and quite honestly? They are the reason why I still have been purchasing from Coach lately... I still love Coach designs, but it just hasn't been "doing it" for me lately. I know its a phase, I know I will still always have a love for Coach - but if I were ever to have an experience like this... that would probably be the end of the line for me... for a very.long.time.

    Oh... and for $5000, yes - there are some fabulous bags from Coach I probably would be interested in if I didn't have some older styles that already "fit the bill" in those areas... but I just have one word for you -> BALENCIAGA. :supacool:Or for that matter... the number of other brands out there that are available at around the same $1000 cost per bag and with a higher quality...

    Good luck dear!
  15. :wtf::cursing: I'm in shock! That type of treatment is completely uncalled for and I don't care if you only spent one penny-that is just UNREAL! I really don't know why Coach seems to suddenly be making all these changes and none of them are for the better. Is the company suicidal? Does someone there WANT the company to lose customers? I mean, it just doesn't make any sense!

    I don't know what they're thinking. First of all-you start significantly hiking prices so you are already going to lose at least a small percentage of your customers who simply can't or won't go along with the higher prices. Then, you start treating your loyal customers terribly, not to mention that your bag quality begins to deteriorate. :tdown: I really think Coach needs to do something or they will soon see the consequences in their sales numbers. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm certainly not an expert on business or marketing.

    PyAri, if I were in your shoes, I would compose a very serious letter to Coach's corporate offices. You should at least let the powers that be know that this behavior won't (and shouldn't be!) tolerated.
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