the ULTIMATE easter egg....

  1. i know it's technically no longer easter but i just came across this easter egg and thought it was the coolest thing ever (yes i know i'm a loser :sad:)


    "Modern master Franc Grom...uses an electric boring tool to drill approximately 2,500 to 3,500 holes in an eggshell. Inspired by traditional Slovenian designs, he has been known to pierce a shell as many as 17,000 times."
  2. Wow thats amazing !!!! and beautiful,

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. if i had kids who could create eggs like that come easter time i woudln't mind egg-decorating so much sunday school class decorated eggs last week and as always it was....miss jennifer i dropped my egg.....can i eat it now?.....kenny threw his egg at me.....i'm hungry i wanna eat my egg.......will you hold my (glooey sticky marker-covered) egg?
  4. That's crazy! Patience is a virtue I do not possess.
  5. that is pretty damn cool, wonder how long it lasts and how fragile that is!
  6. looks like one wrong move and....*crunch* to hours and hours of hard work :Push:......
  7. Now that's amazing! Like jc said, one mistake and....crunch!
  8. Wow, a modern Faberge - thanks for posting, that is SKILL. ;)

  9. It's a work of art!
  10. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing, JC!
  11. Amazing! So beautiful!
  12. Cool!
  13. it does look amazing