FIRST first!

  1. Violet

  2. Rouge Theatre

  3. wait a whole YEAR 'coz i don't like anything in the '08 summer collection.

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  1. as some of u know i'm contemplating my first FIRST... :love: and my last poll showed that u were mostly in favour of a Violet First... that was my new holy grail... HOWEVER... i just got a really good deal on a former flame ;) a ROUGE THEATRE first which i thought was impossible to get!!!

    so... help me out! i love them both equally, and i can get them both for roundabout the same price, both above retail.. violet SLIGHTLY cheaper(like $50:sweatdrop:).

    let me know your opinion...!!!

  2. I voted for the Rouge Theatre First!
    I envy you you so much that you get such a chance, take it ^__^
    its such a gorgeous, beautiful and rare color!
  3. ^ it is..! which is why i love it...!! but then again violet's rare too..!! GAAAHH what a conundrum!! :hysteric:
  4. If you like the rouge, then go for it. Lol, its sad, but what is $50 more in the grand scheme of things? ;) Just be sure you are happy!
  5. it's going to be easier to find a violet first. go for the RT!!
  6. RT - I love that red!
  7. ^^ really?? i was thinking in the long run.. balenciaga rarely does purples whereas the reds are out all the time...

    although this red is CATNIP FOR CLOTHES...!!! :p
  8. Get the RT. :yes:I'm sure that Violets will be popping up on eBay. Lots of violets were sold compared to the quantities sold with the older bags. Can't beat that older leather either , so I voted RT.
  9. RT!!! I think you will be able to find a violet again sooner than a RT; especially if you can purchase again in the next couple of months. I have never seen/come across a first in a RT.
  10. Rouge Theater ... you'll be able to find violets for awhile. Let us know!
  11. I vote for RT because its rareness! Lucky you can choose between the two most beautiful colors.
  12. ROUGE THEATRE without hesitation!! :heart:
  13. i say RT, i love reds! although I do have violet as well... but RT is more gorgeous in the First IMHO... look at Tooshies RT first!
  14. ITA with pp! I too voted for RT.
  15. Rouge Theatre~