The Ultimate Classic Chanel Handbag

  1. So I am beginning to love this brand!!!...what's not to love right!? :p So I am going to start saving for this one. Although I'm not sure what "the one" is yet. I won't be able to purchase multiple Chanels. It's just not in my budget, so I want a classic. I am very interested in the Rock Vinyl but I am afraid the Vinyl may be to trendy? So I am open to opinions on what to get. I either want black or white, I know that for sure. So feel free to tell me your favorites! Oh and price wise I'm wanting to keep around $1600. TIA!!!
  2. I agree, the Rock is not the epitome of Classic Chanel, although a VERY fun bag!
    It's going to be tough to stay around $1600 now, last year it was easier but they had a couple of price increases:cry:

    Check out the Petit Shopping Tote in the Reference Library, it comes in all the staple colors:biggrin:
  3. Black medium classic flap or black cerf tote - if you are just going to purchase one Chanel for a long time, add a little bit more to that $1600 and get one of these.
  4. I worry that the vinyl will not hold up in the long run, that it may split or crack. I've never owned a vinyl bag, so I cannot say for sure that this would even happen.....but I like leather so much better!!!!! JMO :idea:
  5. if you are truly looking for the ultimate classic chanel bag then i say classic flap or if you need a bigger bag, one of the totes. chanel makes it easy for you because they have a line of "classic" bags that they make every season in "classic" colors.
  6. I agree! Your best bet is the pst or classic flap. I don't know for sure the prices but last I checked the n/s pst was 11 or 1250.
  7. I agree w/ some of the others that the most classic Chanel is the flap bag. They come in several sizes depending on your taste.

    IMO the best bang for your buck is the jumbo....

    Welcome to Chanel!!:wlae:
  8. I think the jumbo or the pst will get a lot of use.. and they will still be trendy 50 years later=)
  9. Jumbo!!!
  10. To me Classic Flap is what I think of when I think of classic Chanel .....
    anything vinyl just doesn't do it for me.

    Might need to increase your budget a bit.....enjoy shopping for your perfect bag!!!:yes:
  11. The jumbo is my favorite and a fabulous bag, but it's a bit more than you want to spend. Current price is $2250 and there will be an increase in Sept.
  12. East/west flap is gorgeous and definitely in your price range, even after tax. I believe it is $1395 now, not 100% sure. It is under $1400 so with tax, it will be in your budget. =)

  13. :cursing: Chanel is going to increase their prices on the Jumbo again? Oh I hope not. I better save my money to buy before September.
  14. jumbo!!
  15. Ok, well this may not be a true classic but the Ultimate Soft is a lovely bag and for the price point of $1595, it is a Chanel bargain! Chanelboy just posted pics and availability in the shopping forum. Good luck with your decision!