The Ultimate Chloe Susan/Susanna/Suzanna Studded Boots thread

  1. I just got the red from NAP. I initially ordered them tts 38.5 even though they said to size up. They were too big. I sent them back and exchanged for the 38 half size down which fit fine. I got a pair of the black from last season a few weeks prior in a 38 as well. The red feel a tad smaller than the black but not by much. I would suggest that you size down.
  2. Hopefully they run the same, I'm hoping to buy the black pair in the same size as my red (i.e. sized down half a size) :smile:
  3. Hi ladies! I'm literally about to pull the trigger on the black ones for Saks but I need advise of the size! I'm usually 37.5 or 38 depending on the shoe (I'm even different size in same brand!). My feet are a tad wider than most. For reference I'm 38 in rag & bone Newbury booties, 38 in miu miu sandals, 37.5 in miu miu oxfords (the leather is so soft that they stretch to accommodate my wider feet), 38/37.5 in different flats but most 38.

    Please help! I'd really appreciate it!
  4. I think you should get the 37. I was also unsure and I tend to fit into 38.5 or 39 depending on the brand, and 38 was perfect.
  5. Thank you so much for your input! Do you think I can do 37 even if my feet are wide? (as in I can't get into certain shoe styled wide lol). Are your feet more narrow or wide? I'm just scared that if I go all the way down to 37 I won't be able to wear them :/

    Ps you look AMAZING in your booties! Loving them with the shorts!
  6. Aww thanks! I have to admit that my feet are pretty narrow but I don't think sizing up will make them wider, just longer. I hope they fit! The buckles adjust so maybe that will give you some leeway?
  7. Hi there ilsecita! I have the Rag & Bone Newbury in size 38, and I got the Chloe Susanna's in red in 37.5, and hope to get the same size in the black (unless the new batch run bigger). I too have wide feet, and can still wear the Susanna's with ankle socks (just not the thick sport kind). HTH!

    PS. I'm usually a 38 in most shoes.
  8. Ahhh ok! Thank you do much for being so nice and helping me! I'm so excited!
  9. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER! Thank you so much for your input :smile: I'm so excited to get them!
  10. My feet are a little bit wide and I would definitely say NOT a 37. The boots stretch and mold but not that much... I'd recommend 37.5. I went half size down but upon reflection having worn them a handful of times I easily could have done TTS and not had to go through the breaking in pains of a shoe, lol.
  11. Lol! I hope I don't have to break mine in that much :p lol. I ended up ordering the 37.5! They should be here in a couple of days. I'll let you guys know how they end up fitting. I'm ridiculously excited haha
  12. Congratulations. I hope they fit. I had a hard time figuring out the right size for my feet too. I am usually a 38.5 and I sized down to a 38 and they fit great. This was after trying the 38.5, I have a skinny heel but a wide forefoot.
  13. I sized down .5 and the heel slips after a few hours of wear. I wonder if I could have sized down a whole size?
    Anyway, I love them! I'm going to try different inserts to see what feels best. I hate to admit this, they feel better with no socks. How bad is that? :weird:It's the difference between wearing heels with stockings vs no stockings.
    In the meantime, I'm using sports tape on my ankles to prevent blisters from the friction.. Nothing hurts worse than heel blisters!!
  14. I almost always go without socks especially in booties. I was planning on doing that. Have you tried adding a heel cup or cushion? Since I have skinny ankles I usually have the problem of heel slippage. I find in boots I can add a Dr. Scholls cup and it takes up the extra space and keeps my heel from sliding.
  15. Thanks! I'll look for the scholls ankle cup and try them. All my boots slip to some degree too.